Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sample Thursdays........

Hey everyone
I was organizing all my beauty things eg: makeup in Face, Eyes, Lips skin care, Hair and I came across all the samples that I have gotten over time with magazines, freebee samples from shops and just every where else you could get samples. So I put them all in the bottom draw of my makeup tower and at the end I ended up with full draw!

So I have decided every Thursday I am going to try the samples for a week and write a small blog on what the products are and if I like them, don't like them, what the texture is like and most importantly if it works! I added some pictures below so you can see the stack of things I get to test and tell you about! I'm a bit excited and hope you will enjoy reading :)
So follow along until I empty my draw :)

Melissa xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Golden Wonder Ballistic

My Lush Bath!

Since its Christmas and i needed to relax, i decided to use the The Golden Wonder Ballistic and i loved it!. it smelled so delicious and soothing. If you shake it, it sounds like there is a little surprise inside. i took photos from the time i dropped it in the bath till the end, take a look!!

                                  Closer up you can see all the glitter in the bath bomb. Its so lovely!

                                                       There is a blue little present inside :)

The photos just dont do the way the bath was justice, it looked like a magical blue lagoon, with gold glitter swirling through the whole bath. when i got into the bath the glitter just swirled around making the bath look even more amazing, i was just mesmerized by it and i will be definitively stocking up on this bath bomb!  

Let me know if you have tried it?

Melissa xx

Monday, 10 December 2012



Hey Everyone, I saw this Santa tag and thought i would do it since i love everything Christmas!! so ill probably do a few more tags hehe here goes!

S - Show us your favorite Christmas pajamas!
Well I cant really show you but ill tell you about them :)
They are Purple with cute Ducks on them :)

A - A smell that reminds you of Christmas?

Mums cooking for sure! The smells of chicken and vegetables, lasagna and desserts yum

N - Number 1 item on your wish list this year?

Hmm I would have to say i don't really have anything. I got everything i wanted this year so im a happy girl. so i guess my number one thing would be to have a happy and fun Christmas.

T - Tell us the best gift you ever received? Ever gave?
The best gift i ever got was, when i was younger my friend gave me a kitten and names her holly :) i still have her shes to cute. The best gift i have given, hmm im not really sure. I just really like that i wrap them all pretty haha

A - Angel or star at the top of the tree? 
Angel - Because the one we have is to cute

S - Share an old picture of you during the Christmas holidays!

 This is my now Husband and I on our First ever being a couple Christmas/ New years together 

T - Treasured traditions: what are yours?

My sister and I Still Put the Stockings up, and get up really early to see what Santa got us :)

A - A beauty product you can't live without during the Christmas holidays? 
Defiantly Niva Lip Balm - all the kissing of celebration and Eating gives you a bit of chapped lips hehe

G - Greatest Christmas dessert you've ever had?

All things Chocolate :) we have a mixture of desserts at Christmas time and they are all just as good as the last!

I Tag Everyone! Since its Christmas, Leave me a link so i can read your Responses!! 

Melissa xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Heat Sale Haul

Hey Everyone,
I thought i would share what i bought at the Heat Warehouse Sale, The Brands i mostly got were Ulta 3, Essence, and Elite.There are other brands such as Bourjois Paris, Covergirl, Maxfactor and Warner Brothers. It went for 3 days over the weekend and prices started from $2.00 Aus and i didnt see anything over $8.00 Aus. They have this Clearance about 2 to 4 times a year and there is always something different to look at..

Here are the Colours with swatches of how they come out with 2 coats :)
From Left:  Flirty Bikini, Acapulco Bliss, Pink Colada, Pink Hibiscus, Coral Reef

From Left: Peach Paradise, Tangerine Tango, Exotic Canary, Sea Breeze Swirl, Calypso Holiday, Pacific Splash.

The Essence Ballerina Backstage Range Lipgloss: No 01 Wear Your Little Tutu

What im wearing on my nails and first tested, I Love it!!

10 of the Nail polishes came in this Candy Cane tube for $5.00 Aus

So i enjoyed my self at the sale, but i don't think my husband did haha i drag him along to all the sales :) there were so many colours and so so much to choose from! next time its on, i totally recommend going. As a Bonus on the way out, you show them the flyer and get a free Polish! i got " Pink Colada".

Thanks for Visiting!

Mel xxx

Friday, 2 November 2012

We're Married!!!

Heya! I thought I would update you since my last "were getting married" blog.

                                  Above: Bridal party and Shaun and I :)

So we got married on the 27th of September in a beautiful place called Poets Lane, on the Wednesday it was raining and also on the Friday it was raining, we were getting all different temperatures for Thursday but on the actual day it was amazing weather.

My 2 Beautiful Flower Girls xx

We had a great day, it was relaxing and I had no worries I felt like I was floating through the day it was that great!

It just went so fast, but we enjoyed every part of it, everyone was dancing, laughing and eating, the way it should be!

The next day, nice and early we went to the airport and off on our honeymoon to Queensland, the flights were bad :( but that was the only thing that was bad about the honeymoon the rest of the time we were tanning, swimming, going to the theme parks and we went to Movie world twice, because I love it hehe.

Of course we went shopping and I bought a lot of beauty things which was great for me and Shaun bought guy things for himself. After all of that we had the best time but we feel like we need a week off from being busy just to relax.

Being back in the real world and being married feels exactly the same as before but, we just love each other more and more every day, I couldn't be more happier :)

Stay tuned for more bubbles on beauty, fashion and life

Melissa xx


Monday, 29 October 2012

Spooktacular Tag! (by AllthatGlitters21)

The Spooktacular Tag 
by Elle Fowler or AllThatGlitters21

1. Do you Still Trick or Treat?
Being in Australia, we didnt trick or treat when i was younger but we did dress up!

2. Do you like going to Haunted Attractions?
Nope, im a scaredy cat i don't like anything scary haha

3. Favorite Halloween Candy
Anything from Trolli Lollies is amazing! Love!!

4. Favorite Halloween Movie
Defiantly my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus! i could watch that all year round!

5.Favorite Scary Movie
The only movies that are kinda scary that i can watching are all the Scream movies, apart from that i cant watch any hehe

6.Favorite costume you ever wore as a child
I wore an Alice in Wonderland costume my mum made, i loved that one!!

7.First costume you can remember wearing
Same as above!

8.Favorite Fall Food and Beverage
Hot chocolate and Warm Bread! (well i like Warm bread all the time but fall is a bit cold so its nice)

9.Do you have a festive background on your phone?
I have my wedding photo on my phone background because we got our wedding photos back and i love them :)

10.What are you going to dress up as this year?
Didn't have any party's this year but i wanted to dress up as a Disney Princess this year :)

11.What would your Pet Be?
My Pet Bella (dog) would be just something cute, shes cute anyway but im sure the princess's have pets so which ever i decided she would match :)

12.What candy do you have left in your stash after you eat everything else?
Haha i usually leave the ones i don't like and give them to my husband :)

13.Do you decorate your house?
Yes!! i love themeing the house out, this year i didn't really have time because we were on our honeymoon so i didn't have time.

14.Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes or Hayrides?
I haven't been to any of these but i would choose a pumpkin patch because it sounds less scary? 

15.Going to a Corn Maze, What do you Wear?
I would wear something conferrable, because i figure it would be cold and there is some kind of maze i would be going in? hehe

So that is the Tag! I Tag all Beauty Bloggers also! id love to see your answers just leave me a comment with your link 


Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hey Loveys :)

Just a week ago Shaun (my husband) and I went to Lush (Doncaster, Victoria) My favorite store!! The products are great and the staff are so friendly. Lush brought out there Christmas and Halloween range and I was soooooo excited anyway, we bought a few things that smell amazing!
(If you cant tell already, we Loveeeee Bath Bombs, they are our favorites!)

The first thing I HAD to buy because its just wow....the smell is soooo delicious! its the Snow Fairy body wash 500ml it is $27.50 AUS it comes in 3 different sizes 100g /$8.95 AUS, 250g /$14.95 AUS . It is a limited edition bottle so only comes out for Christmas time. when i popped the lid to have a smell of the body wash i just wanted to smell it forever, it smells like candy/lollies ohhh i love it!  Straight away when i used it in the shower i yelled out to Shaun that i have to get more bottles to stock up till next Christmas! I also just love how the bottles have "Home made with touch of sparkle" makes it just a little bit more special.

The next thing we bought was a Jacko Ballistic, its a bath bomb that is shaped like a cute pumpkin with a scary face hehe. It is $6.75 AUS and it is 100g. When i smell it, it smells a bit minty a bit spicy and a little bit of sweet, a hard one to describe but there is a cute little blurb on the packaging which says "spicy cardamom and clove bud oil to warm up cold, tired and aching limbs after a hard night of trick or treating" i love how every piece has a little blurb on the packaging to tell you about the product.

"The Golden Wonder Ballistic" is another Christmas treat, it is an adorable Yellow/ Gold Christmas present with a white bow on top bath bomb. it smells great! the description says "A fresh burst of Citrus" just smells Delicious to me! :) and when you shake it, just like you would with a present you get on Christmas it rattles! I'm excited to try it! It is $6.95 AUS and is 220g.

I was happy to see the "Father Christmas Ballistic" a cute round bath bomb the has a Santa Claus face with his beard and cute hat he is just to cute to use " Mandarin oil and orange flower absolute" just delicious! It is $6.95 AUS and is 205g.

"Snow White"  is another bath bomb which i was excited to see " It gives off a smooth white foam of bubbles as the steam of  your bath lifts a scent of apples to your nose" Sitting here writing this blog and looking out the window at the weather being windy and cold i feel like having a nice warm relaxing bath, plus the little descriptions just make you want to use it straight away! It is $5.95 AUS and is 90g

The Last one we got was a bit raunchy but we love it! "Sex in the Shower" $4.95 AUS 80g it is an Emotibomb which u use in the shower and the smells are just lovely, in the description it says " encourages people to share a shower to conserve water. it wafts sensual scents entwine themselves around you" Couldn't have said it better my self :)

Hope you Enjoy and Go To Lush and Splurge!! 

Mel xxxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hey guys and gals, i started being obsessed with doing my nails all pretty last year when Sally Hansen first brought out their stick on range,

I just thought I would let everybody know that, I am a biter and nail biter, i know people say Ewww that's disgusting, but they say, the first step is admitting you've got a problem, soo yes I am a nail biter! Hehe

These on the Left are a Cupcake design i saw and Loved!!! so i thought i would put my own little spin on them i used Sally Hansen nail polishes, light pink and dark pink also white for the cupcake top and red for the cherry :)

Anyway I like to experiment with nail polish and getting different designs and pictures that I thought I would share with you, some of those pictures of the nails I have done :)
The ones Above are to cute! and im in love with these!! the top are mini mouse ones and the bottom are daisy duck ones :)
These ones here Above are ones i made up my self, kind of a twist to the french polish but with the added sparkles and cute love hearts :)   

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bracelet Stacks.....

I keep seeing everywhere bracelet stacks and I thought....yup I really like them haha so I kept looking for things I thought would look good together, but I could never really find what I liked.

So the second day of our honeymoon in Qld (yes! I got married yayyyyy) we went shopping at pacific fair, and I found this little shop called cosmetics plus so of course I went in! They had brands like, Maybaline, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Accessories and mostly Bys.

So I went to the bracelet section and found the 2 pieces I would have to start my stack yayyyy. The brand is called "Be Yourself" and both bracelets are gold and Nickle free. One is a cross with dimondy looking things in the cross, and its linked to a gold thin chain which is cute that was $4.00 AU and the second is gold links with a white string running through that was $5.00 AU.

I love my starting pieces! Anyways thought I would update on my pieces as soon as I find more I shall add them also!

Mel xx

P.s Love love love them! Also looking for a bracelet with the LOVE charm on it next :)

As promised, I have found another 2 colours for my bracelet stack. They were from the same store there brand is "Be Yourself" as well, there is a peach one with gold round balls, that was $8.00 and a light purple one the same with the gold balls that is $8.00 also :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My new ring!

In the mail yesterday arrived my lips ring. I love love love it, it's do huge but awesome, it is big pink lips with a little bling on the right hand side of the bottom lip and it is lined with black. It also has an adjustable ring size so all finger sizes can wear it :)

It only cost me $3.40 australian dollars with free postage so a bargain! I got it on eBay if you look up "Betsey Johnson First Date Pink Kiss Lips Ring" you will surly find it :)

I'll put a picture below! Enjoy!

Mel xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm getting Married!!!

Just looking at the days counting down till the wedding 8 days 18 hours .... And the rest counting down, it's a little scary I feel like I'm forgetting to do check, photos check, dress check, groom check haha cake defiantly check! I'm sure I will get everything in time that I have to! Wish me luck everyone (that I don't forget anything) haha I was watching "don't tell the bride" yesterday and the guys make it look so easy! But it's really not! Ahh well we shall see! Tomorrow were off to see the celebrant haha I was about to brake out into the wizard of oz song then but lucky I didn't :) but anyway that should be an interesting experience.
Let you know how it goes!

Mel xxx


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