Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lush Christmas Event

Heya Everyone!

Ahh don't you just love Christmas?.... Well I do! And it was made even better when I was invited to the lush Christmas bloggers event

This years theme for lush is Cruelty Free Christmas,the beautiful lady's at lush told us about some of the new things happening at lush in the coming new year and they also told us about there charity's that they are helping.

Lush helps out a lot of different charity's, the ones that can't get a lot of help because they don't have big advertisement, the ones that arnt really known, which I think is an amazing idea! Because there is so many things we don't know about going on, that a great company like Lush finds them and helps.

Now onto the Christmas products! Lush has made a HUGE range of Christmas goodies this year, everything to cater for every person you have to buy presents for! If you want to see the big list of products they have, Click Here

The cutest family on the block at Lush at the moment are The Frosty Family! 

Soooo adorable! There is Mr Frosty, Mrs Frosty and Baby Frosty an adorable happy family and a great addition to yours! 

On the night we got to learn how to make the cupcake face mask from scratch and also how to tie different things with head scarves, they can be used to wrap presents as cute baskets and used as just the cutest head scarves with flowers (I'm still working on the one!) I did get one wrap that they showed us pretty proud haha usually can't do these things!

The scarves are available at lush stores to buy for $5.50 each! Christmas and other patterns are available. 

Lush were soo generous in giving us a goodie bag, letting us try different things from their Christmas collection, in the bag we got: 

* The cute head scarf (with instructions on how to fold different things) 
* Santa Lip Scrub ( tastes like cola..Yum!!)
* Santa Baby lip tint
* Skkim Girls body lotion 
* Cupcake face mask
* Lord of Misrule 
* The Christmas Penguin 
* Golden Wonder Bath Bolistic
* Snow Fairy (shower gel)
* Rose Jam (shower gel)
* Ponche (shower gel)
* Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

My favorite product Lush has ever come out with is SNOW FAIRY EVERYTHING!!!
It's the most amazing smell ever, hehe I have back ups I have bought because I never want to run out!!

Thank you soo much to Babs for organizing this event, and thank you to all the ladies of Swanson street Lush for having me and informing me about all the different products, and causes your are fighting for :) 

Watch the Video!

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Friday, 20 December 2013

Beautiful Brunettes

Hey Everyone
I was having a conversation with some beautiful brunettes Jasmine Sweetaholic Beauty, Kat Kitch Snitch and Claire Ms This N That Blog the other day and it gave me the idea on a post of the most beautiful Bombshell brunettes. We hear about all the Beautiful Blondes, how they have more fun, but I thought I would talk about the Sexiness and Boldness of Brunettes. Being a brunette my self, i know brunettes have more fun! Don't get me wrong i love all my blonde, redhead, and bright colored hair friends and we have sooo much fun together, but this post is about my Brunette Sistas!

Image sourced from Google
Audrey Hepburn
Over the years there have been some very famous Brunettes popping up in the movie/ music world, but one of the iconic films "Breakfast at Tiffinys" had Audrey Hepburn, a brunette a lot of us can relate to. I have always wanted to go to Tiffany's that she was at just to have breakfast, a lot of people would want to, who else wants to have breakfest at Tiffany's? Even just to go and see the jewlery would be fun! 

Image sourced from Google
Jennifer Lopez
In the singing world Jlo has been one of my favorites, with her beautiful long hair and gorgeous curves. She is just my idol till this day! She is a very strong, confadent, independent woman. I'd like to think that's the brunette in her hehe. The makeup looks on these two woman over the years are amazing, having the dark features lets them get away with almost any look. Brunetts have an advantage sometimes, by being able to pull of an angelic makeup look to the most evilst person and still look amazing! 

So id like to shout out to all my brunette sistas " We are awsome!" And we can rock any look, don't be scared to try something different with your makeup looks or clothes looks because with our features, chances are we will look great! 

If you need some inspiration from the famous brunettes then take a leaf out of there book, you already know it looks great or it would not have been photographed (apart from the worst dressed photos) but I don't think there is any worst dressed, just the wrong stylist hehe. 

At the end of the day, if your Brunette, Blonde, Red, Orange, Black, Silver, Purple, Blue or Green, you are all beautiful! And we are so lucky that we get to experiment with our hair colours. But it dosnt matter what colour your hair is, the person you are underneith that hair is who counts! 

So Make It Count! 

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Tag

Image Sourced from Google Images

Hey Everyone,
Happy Holidays!!
The Beautiful Kat from Kitsch Snitch tagged me in the Christmas Tag, so being festive and loving everything about Christmas i thought i would give it a go!

What's your favorite holiday movie?
My favorite all time Christmas movie would have to be The Santa Clause with Tim Allen (all 3) and also Elf with will Farrell best ever movies!!!!

What's your favorite Christmas colour?
Sparkles of silver, gold and white

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Christmas Morning, of course

What's your favorite winter fragrance?

ummm just what ever im wearing at the time, but my all time favorite is Jessica Simpsons "Fancy" its vanillery and warm so nice!

Favorite Christmas smell?
This is an easy one! Gingerbread and Cinnamon yum yum!

What's your favorite holiday drink?
Red Cordial...hehe yup im a tad hyper :)

Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Both for sure! how can you choose???

Favorite Christmas song?
"Let it snow" and "Baby its cold outside"

Have you ever made a snowman?

When i was a kid i think i did when i went to the snow but i cant remember :S

What is most important to you about the holidays?
Family and Friends and just being with the ones i love, that's the most important thing to me! And also being open and happy about celebrating the holidays. Just Enjoy it people!!!

I Tag

Erin from The beautybox
Claire from Ms this n that blog
Melissa from Lemon Mel
Kristal from Profound Feline

And everyone that wants to join in!

~ A Big Merry Christmas to All ~

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sally Hansen Spring Racing Collection Quick Review

Hey Everyone

On today's nail menu, there is a lovely range of Sally Hansen Spring Racing Collection!! Omgsh I love love this collection, the colours are so pretty for spring and they have come out with a great range.

Colours from Left to Right:
Rosy Outlook, Peach Of Cake, Sheer Bliss, Tickle Me Pink,Gray -t Escape,Good to Grape & Barracuda
Picture by Coty inc

I was fortunate to try 2 colours of the range, Tickle Me Pink and Gray-T Escape, two colours i have loved and can use for a very long time. The polish its self has lasted me a good 2 weeks (which using my hands everyday cleaning, and stocking takes a toll on my nails) but with this complete salon manicure it lasted that long and i was surprised!

My Nails in Tickle Me Pink
This nail colour reminded me a bit like having, beautiful Redy Pinky just picked from the farm cherrys on my nails, the shine of the polish is amazing, as you can see in the pictures and they stayed that shiny for the whole time. They didn't dull or peel, the polished just stayed like i had just had my manicure freshly done.

My Nails in Gray-T Escape 
I think out of the two colours my favorite would have to be Grey-T Escape, because you can wear it at any occasion and it matches everything in my wardrobe, it also makes your hands seem tanned (which is a bonus!)

If you would like to see more of this range or different ranges Sally Hansen has please Click Here 

Id like to thank Coty Inc for sending me these nail polishes review, I really like them  :) 

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm Review

Hey Everyone
Thought i would do a quick review of the Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm. and omgsh i love it, at first i was thinking it was just another paw paw cream but as i kept using it i liked it more and more. You cant taste the honey but you know its in there working, my lips felt smoother and a little more plump if that's possible! i haven't tried it on cuts etc like you can with the normal paw paw but i will soon! 

This product stays in my bag in case i have a terrible dry lip problem and need to fix it quickly hehe The price for this product is $6.95 to $9.45 depends where you get it from.
It is a Certified Organic product and 100% natural and it is Australian made and owned.

Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm has Paw Paw, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil (which iv noticed is popping up in a lot of things), Vitamin E and Honey of course

If you would like to read more Click Here

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Halloween Swap!

Hey Everyone

I took part in Sweetaholics Halloween Swap, I joined the swap last year and had fun buying the products that of course i would take part this year. I got paired up with a great friend Claire from Ms This N That Blog, which was exciting because we caught up for dinner at the pancake parlor to swap our boxes. So lets jump in to what Claire got me!

I love how Claire decorated the box with the Halloween tinsel its so cute!!

Claire got me a few things that i was so wanting to try its like she read my mind! so you could say i was excited to receive these products

Lime Crime Lipstick in "Babette"
I love Lime Crime lipsticks and Babette was next on my list of lime crime lipsticks, i love the nudie peachie colour, a great everyday nude, plus i love the smell hehe

Revlon Lipstick in "Pink Hope"
This pink is the perfect shade of pink for my skin tone, i love that Revlon made these for charity. such a good idea!

Revlon By Marchesa Nail stickers in "Royal Burgundy"
These nail stickers are so pretty, they remind me of royalness, iv been looking at the range and couldn't decide which ones to get. So Claire helped me out :)

Sunshine House of Wellness
Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil
Herbal Body Lotion & Herbal Lip Balm
Claire told me that she wanted to get me something Pumpkin, because of Halloween, so she searched the internet to find an Australian seller that made pumpkin products. They both have the spiciness smell of pumpkins, the lip balm has the smell of Lavender as well so i have been using the the lip balm before bed for the lavender "sleepy time" effect. The body lotion feels so nice on the skin and sinks in super fast. Love it!

Models Prefer "Blush"
Lastly this cute perfume is purse sized, the smell is more of a heaver scent, so it is a great one for night time festivities :) on the box it says the smell is "woody scent, notes of green tea, tangerine and strawberry leaves, laced with violet,pink jasmine and fresh patchouli" and it smells just like that! I really like it :)

Thanks so much Claire for getting me these products, i really love them and i'm glad you liked the box i got you :), thanks Jasmine for organizing the swap! cant wait for the next one xx

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Melbourne Blogger / Youtube Collab Meet up

Hey Everyone!

Cody and I thought we should get some fun loving YouTubers / Bloggers together to meet up and come up with some colab videos / Blog posts we could do together! Also meet people you might not have met before! It will be soo much fun! 

We have chosen a date! 

Saturday 25th of January 
At 1pm

The Location: Cafe Baci
(Crown Casino)
Down stairs near the food court, down the corridor 

Hashtag for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

We will probably go for coffees so we will need numbers, let me know as soon as you can xx

Bring a Pen also :) 

Please Comment below with your Twitter / Facebook Name  if you want to join the meet up, so we can get numbers :) thank you xx

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Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hey Everyone 
I was tagged by Brontie from Brontie's Beauty Blog to do this tag, so lets jump in!

1) What was the first make-up brand you tried? I think it was BYS makeup when i was little

2) What was the first make-up product you bought? I really cant remember but i  think it was a BYS eyeshadow

3) What is your current go-to foundation? Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush
4) What is your go-to lipstick? Covergirl Jumbo Crayon in Blush

5) What is your favorite brand to go to? Revlon or Maybelline

6) What is the most expensive product out of your collection? Probably the Benefit Skin care range

7) What was the last item you bought? Savvy Lipstick

8) Who is your favorite beauty guru on youtube? Nicole Guerriero
9) Who is your favorite blogger? Id have to say my good friends Sweetaholic and The made up Maiden

10) What have you got your eyes on? the Naked 3 Pallet :)

So there you go! that's my 10 questions of makeup Tag, I tag EVERYONE :) dont forget to comment with your link so i can see your answers!!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I have a YouTube Channel!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have started a YouTube Channel, I was thinking about starting one for a long time and i just thought...why not!! just do it! so i did hehe, the first videos i filmed are with a special guest Kat from Kitsch Snitch Blog and her YouTube Channel is Kitsch Snitch. I put the "Get Ready With Us" on my channel and Kat put the "We  Spring Tag" on her channel. These videos were so fun to film, and i cant wait to film more videos for everyone to watch! 

I'm going to be doing videos that link with my blog so if you like Beauty, Fashion and Life videos Check them out!

If you would like to check these videos out or see my channel Click Here Melissa Bubbles 

I would love love love you all if you Subscribed to my channel and Liked my videos, i promise ill try keep it interesting hehe

My Channel
If you Click on any one of these pictures, it will take you to the videos for your viewing pleasure hehe

Get Ready With Us Featuring Kat

We ❤ Spring Tag 

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Indigo Flame Soy Candles Review

Hey Everyone,
A while ago i was going through Facebook and i saw a page for Indigo Soy Flame Candles, (which any candles i love!) so there was a post saying that they will be selling candles in a place near where i lived. So i decided to take a trip with my husband and buy some! the packaging is so pretty it drew me in straight away, I bought Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Donuts (Cinnamon Donuts is being deleted so hurry and get some before it goes!). I  burnt the 2 candles i bought the first time, so i had to order some more! when i was ordering more candles i talked to a lady called Leah and she was so nice and helpful, she made it easy to buy the candles and also arrange the candle party, which they also do! i have booked a party and am looking forward to getting together with friends and Candles! 

Indigo Flame Soy Candes Facebook Page CLICK HERE
   If you would like to go to there Web Page CLICK HERE

Before you light the candles you can already smell them, there scent is quite strong but not to over powering, it fills the room with such a nice scent and makes people think you have been baking :) They are so Delicious!! I left a candle in my car for a couple of hours and it filled the car with the smell of blueberry muffins, omgsh so delicious they should have car freshers also! hehe 

The prices are the normal prices you would have for candles this great! 
Melts          $7.50
Tins            $15.oo
Mini Jars     $20.oo
Jars             $25.oo
Jumbo Jars  $45.oo
Diffusers     $25.oo

Coconut Lime 
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Blueberry Muffin
Vanilla Pear
Vanilla Caramel
Waterlily Jasmine
Cucumber Melon
French Pear
Lychee and Black Tea
Raspberry Caramel Dessert
Malibu - Lemongrass Coconut
Aromatherapy Relaxing Lavender
Strawberry Smoothie
Mango Papaya
Mimosa Mandarin
Japanese Honeysuckle
Musk Sticks
Fruit Loops
Orange Cinnamon
Nag Champa
Cinnamon Donuts 

Some new scents "Cocktail Range" being added are 
Jungle juice 
Strawberry shooter 
Fruit tingle 
Sex on the beach 

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lush Event

Hey Everyone
I was lucky enough to be invited to the very first Melbourne Lush event, which the lovely ladies called "first date" which i thought was so cute! 

Food for the Event
All the pretty bath bombs at Lush

The Asylum Seeker Resource Center made the food for the night it was yummy! The Asylum Seeker Resource Center teaches asylum seekers to be chefs giving them great job opportunities.

Lush PR and Marketing AssistantBarbara Dick
Bubble Bars Looking so Adorible

Lush International Product Trainer, Amy Lynes
Lush Retail Director, Peta Roe

At the start of the night Barbara, Amy and Peta told us all about how Lush is all about charity's and helping out a lot of little charity's instead of one big charity so a lot of charity's get helped which is great! Also how lush dose not use a lot of packaging because its kinder to the environment and they are also against Animal Testing which is a huge plus!

Emotional Colours Read :)
Awww the Magic

I had my Emotional colours read, and it was scarily accurate the first colour is what i have (Fantasy, a Gold Eyeliner), second is what im lacking (Feeling secure, a purple eyeliner) and third is what i need to overcome the second one (Passionate) :)

We got to learn how Lush makes there Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, which was fun and interactive because some of the girls got to help out.

Making Angels on Bae Skin Face Cleanser 

Rolling the Angels on Bare Skin
Putting the Ingredients together

Bubble Bars Magic
Potting up the Angels on bare skin
We also got shown how some of the lush products work and they all smell amazing! im such a lushaholic when it comes to bubble bars, bath bombs and body washes.

Bath Bomb Awsomeness
Showing us Bath Bombs

There is a Lush Lipstick named after me :) hehe

With Kat and Erin 
With Jasmine :)
It was so great to see these awesome girls, and meet some new ones :)

With Erinm My Pricy Little Sister xx

Goodie Bag Lush gave us, Thank you soo soo much!!
I would just like to say thank you so so much for Lush for inviting me to this great "first date" event, and i hope you have many more :)

If you would like to learn more about the great things lush do Click Here

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