Friday, 8 November 2013

Melbourne Blogger / Youtube Collab Meet up

Hey Everyone!

Cody and I thought we should get some fun loving YouTubers / Bloggers together to meet up and come up with some colab videos / Blog posts we could do together! Also meet people you might not have met before! It will be soo much fun! 

We have chosen a date! 

Saturday 25th of January 
At 1pm

The Location: Cafe Baci
(Crown Casino)
Down stairs near the food court, down the corridor 

Hashtag for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

We will probably go for coffees so we will need numbers, let me know as soon as you can xx

Bring a Pen also :) 

Please Comment below with your Twitter / Facebook Name  if you want to join the meet up, so we can get numbers :) thank you xx

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
Please Follow, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about my blogs.

 Melissa xx


Unknown said...

Yay!! I can join you on the 11th and 25th !! :D

fashionadjacent said...

Sounds awesome, I'll be there :D

Yours Truly, NY said...
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Yours Truly, NY said...

Ahh yess! I'll hopefully be there for the 11th & 12th one. Can't wait to meet up with local Melbourne bloggers!
Twitter @yourstrulyny

Sweetaholic Beauty said...

How exciting Mel (and Cody!) I'll definitely be there - I'll most likely come to both :)

Unknown said...

it will be a fantastic event!

karlacosmetica said...

I'm totally down with this!! I can make any day, let mw know and i'll be there!!


Mishelles Sleepy Time said...

Haha I'm from Perth but I'll be in Melbourne the 25th/26th!!

Mishelles Sleepy Time said...

Oh and my twitter is @shellocalypse

Melissa Bubbles said...

Great! When we choose a day I'll write a post! Will be great to meet you xx

Caroline R. said...

The 25th and 26th would be great.

Twitter - @CazKen14

Kat said...

I can't plan that far ahead but I should be able to make it :)

The Made Up Maiden said...

I'm in. :)

You have my details!


The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

Sounds great, I would love to come, but with a small baby its unfortunately a little too tricky for me to come (plus a little too distracting for everyone too as I would have to bring him along as hubby is working), - but I hope you'll all have great time!

Unknown said...

I already said I can come on the 25th, but I'll say it here too lol yay xo E

emmabovary said...

I would have loved to come along but am away that weekend, sorry darling! Have a wonderful time everyone!

Rachel said...

I can make it! Twitter @MisssRachii :)

Jasminecara said...

I would have loved to come - I am Melbourne based but am currently in France! Next time for sure xx

Jasmine Cara