Friday, 15 November 2013

Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm Review

Hey Everyone
Thought i would do a quick review of the Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm. and omgsh i love it, at first i was thinking it was just another paw paw cream but as i kept using it i liked it more and more. You cant taste the honey but you know its in there working, my lips felt smoother and a little more plump if that's possible! i haven't tried it on cuts etc like you can with the normal paw paw but i will soon! 

This product stays in my bag in case i have a terrible dry lip problem and need to fix it quickly hehe The price for this product is $6.95 to $9.45 depends where you get it from.
It is a Certified Organic product and 100% natural and it is Australian made and owned.

Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm has Paw Paw, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil (which iv noticed is popping up in a lot of things), Vitamin E and Honey of course

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