Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sample Thursdays........

Hey everyone
I was organizing all my beauty things eg: makeup in Face, Eyes, Lips skin care, Hair and I came across all the samples that I have gotten over time with magazines, freebee samples from shops and just every where else you could get samples. So I put them all in the bottom draw of my makeup tower and at the end I ended up with full draw!

So I have decided every Thursday I am going to try the samples for a week and write a small blog on what the products are and if I like them, don't like them, what the texture is like and most importantly if it works! I added some pictures below so you can see the stack of things I get to test and tell you about! I'm a bit excited and hope you will enjoy reading :)
So follow along until I empty my draw :)

Melissa xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Golden Wonder Ballistic

My Lush Bath!

Since its Christmas and i needed to relax, i decided to use the The Golden Wonder Ballistic and i loved it!. it smelled so delicious and soothing. If you shake it, it sounds like there is a little surprise inside. i took photos from the time i dropped it in the bath till the end, take a look!!

                                  Closer up you can see all the glitter in the bath bomb. Its so lovely!

                                                       There is a blue little present inside :)

The photos just dont do the way the bath was justice, it looked like a magical blue lagoon, with gold glitter swirling through the whole bath. when i got into the bath the glitter just swirled around making the bath look even more amazing, i was just mesmerized by it and i will be definitively stocking up on this bath bomb!  

Let me know if you have tried it?

Melissa xx

Monday, 10 December 2012



Hey Everyone, I saw this Santa tag and thought i would do it since i love everything Christmas!! so ill probably do a few more tags hehe here goes!

S - Show us your favorite Christmas pajamas!
Well I cant really show you but ill tell you about them :)
They are Purple with cute Ducks on them :)

A - A smell that reminds you of Christmas?

Mums cooking for sure! The smells of chicken and vegetables, lasagna and desserts yum

N - Number 1 item on your wish list this year?

Hmm I would have to say i don't really have anything. I got everything i wanted this year so im a happy girl. so i guess my number one thing would be to have a happy and fun Christmas.

T - Tell us the best gift you ever received? Ever gave?
The best gift i ever got was, when i was younger my friend gave me a kitten and names her holly :) i still have her shes to cute. The best gift i have given, hmm im not really sure. I just really like that i wrap them all pretty haha

A - Angel or star at the top of the tree? 
Angel - Because the one we have is to cute

S - Share an old picture of you during the Christmas holidays!

 This is my now Husband and I on our First ever being a couple Christmas/ New years together 

T - Treasured traditions: what are yours?

My sister and I Still Put the Stockings up, and get up really early to see what Santa got us :)

A - A beauty product you can't live without during the Christmas holidays? 
Defiantly Niva Lip Balm - all the kissing of celebration and Eating gives you a bit of chapped lips hehe

G - Greatest Christmas dessert you've ever had?

All things Chocolate :) we have a mixture of desserts at Christmas time and they are all just as good as the last!

I Tag Everyone! Since its Christmas, Leave me a link so i can read your Responses!! 

Melissa xx