Friday 23 October 2020

Psychic Meduim


Hey Everyone!
Did you know I am a Psychic Medium?

Yup! I actually am :) 

I was born with it, My nonno had it and thats how it got passed down to me, so lets just say iv had a lot of encounters! 

So...the reason for this post is now I am doing Readings, I want to help people, I've been doing card readings on my Instagram @melissa_bubbles  but if you want a more in depth reading or contacting someone you have wanted to talk to or get information from, it has to be in a private reading. 

What I Offer:

Psychic Readings (Contacting Spirits), Tarot / Oracle Card Readings, Cleansing, Chakra Cleansing, I also do Online/ Facetime Readings for you.

If you have always wanted a reading and want to test me out, follow my Instagram and I will put on my stories when I will do the next reading, if you want to get more information about how much I charge for readings just email me and I will be happy to send you the details.

Here are some Testimonials:

Erin, Melbourne

“Melissa gave me an incredible virtual psychic medium reading & was so spot on. The descriptions she gave of the people that came through and the messages so received were so detailed and accurate. Highly recommend”

Emily G

"At the beginning of 2020 my self and my mum both got a reading from Melissa. We were so incredibly impressed with the results; we both would definitely recommend Melissa.

Thank you so much again for the amazing Reading."

Vicky H

"Melissa was fantastic and was able to answer a lot of questions for me thoroughly. I Highly recommend her for any readings, You'll have a lot of clarity afterwards."

If you have and questions just ask! I will try answer them as best I can :)
Please Follow, leave comments, I love replying to comments! 
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Melissa xx

Monday 29 July 2019

BEAUTY SNAP - July Bella Box

Hey Everyone

Today i want to talk to you about Bella box! I was lucky enough to get to check out this months Bella Box and ill show you the goodies inside!

Thursday 28 February 2019

My Top 5 Accessories

Hey Everyone
Today i wanted to share with you my top 5 Accessories that I have with me everyday!
During summer and well into spring and autumn i will be using these accessories because they are so handy and help me out with anything i need!

Saturday 8 September 2018

ERSTWILDER - Melbourne Based Company

Hello Everyone!
i want to talk to you today about a Designer company that i have fallen in love with! Their peices are so so beautiful, nostalgic and just so colourful, defiantly something that will spruce up any outfit and get lots of compliments on when wearing them!

Australia Post 100 Year Celebrations for May Gibbs

Photo By Melissa Bubbles

Hey Everyone
Im super excited to bring you this post! Australia Post is celebrating 100 years of May Gibbs who brought you the so so cute Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and The Magic Pudding. When i was a a little kid i used to read the May Gibbs books Snugglepot and Cuddlepie adventures and just admire the gorgeous art work May Gibbs brought to the pages.