Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sample Thursdays Week 3

Hey Everyone, 
Week 3 has come and its time for me to tell you about the products i have tried this week. It has been an interesting few this week.

    I will be giving them a Staring system 5 being the best and 1 being Well not as good  :)

So Lets Get Started......

Dr Lweinns Private Formula, Firming eye Cream

* It has a Pearlie look to the cream, but not a very pleasant smell
* It takes a while before you see a result but i saw a faster result with the puffiness under the eye, which is a good thing for those long nights with not much sleep!
* On the bottle it says it is a "highly concentrated formula", but i think that's where the fast De- Puffing under the eyes come in!
* I don't think that i will be purchasing this product because i don't really like not very nice smelling things stuck on my face.
* You can find more information Here

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Moisture - Balancing For Normal Hair 

* This shampoo was great at putting the moisture in my hair, when my hair dried it feels very soft and smooth

* The smell of the product is ok, it has more of an organic shampoo smell, but it doesn't really give a great after smell when your hair is dry. 
* Its a great shampoo to change into when you are changing shampoos so i will change into this one in a few months

Almay, Hypo Allergenic, Kinetin Skincare Age Decelerating Daily Lotion

*With this product i didn't really get a chance to test it out properly because there wasn't enough in the tester packet so i don't have a great review to give with this one but i do give it 3 stars because it doesn't have a smell so its fragrance free and Hypo Allergenic                                                                      

Dove Almond Cream Oil, Moisturizing Cream, with notes of Cherry Blossom

* This product is the same as last weeks "Dove Body wash, energize grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance 1/4 moisturizing cream "
* I'm still not a fan of this product because of the similarities with all Dove body washes, the only difference i found was the smell and i really like the smell of the Cherry Blossom. 

Ulittlebeauty, Happy Clappers, Nourishing Hand Cream

* I really like this product, it absorbes into the skin nicely and doesn't leave a oily sticky residue
* The smell is kind of organic and citris its quite nice
* Its not tested on animals which is a huge upside and is also Paraben Free, Vegan and SLS free
* Made in Byron Bay its an Australian product
* I will purchase this product because i really like it for my bag.
* You can find more products Here                                                              

Nivea Deodorant, Double Effect

* Has a nice floral smell, i find it hard to describe smells but this one has converted me!, its not as strong as most deodorants when they go on
* Lasts 24 Hours
* I love the sample size because i can through it in my bag and not have to have to worry about the size.
* It has avocado extract in it to help with the smoothness after shaving. but i don't really see a difference with the smoothness
* I will be purchasing this product because i really like it, im going to try and find sample sizes also to put in my bag.
* You can find the more information Here

KMS California Hairstay, Styling Gel

* I didn't really get to use this to often, because i don't like using Gel in my hair. But when i did it is quite thick in consistency and leaves the hair crunchy, but holds really well
* Best suited for short hair or mens hair
* I will not be purchasing this product because i wont have and use for it.
You can find information about this Here

Hydrating Hair Drink + Guarana
Fudge Colour Lock
Fudge Daily Mint
Shampoo and Conditioner

* These two Shampoo and Conditioner sets were really good, it made the colour of my hair brighter even though it is not coloured
* It made my hair shiny and smooth i really enjoyed using these products
*They have a hair salon smell to them, which make me feel like i was getting my hair done.
* I will purchase this in the future
* You can find more Information Here                                      

Natio, agless hydrating mask

* Due to what happened last week when i tried something on my face i got an allergic reaction so with this product i tried it on my hand
* When i put it on my hand, i felt a quick tightening feeling and then a refreshing one
* I left it on my hand for 10 minutes as the directions say and then washed it off
* The feeling left on my hand was amazing! i really like this product, so i will be trying it on my face when i do my next face mask
* It has rose-hip oil and vitamin c in it which helps the skin allot
* I will be purchasing this product


So i hope you liked Week 3 of Sample Thursdays

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Melissa xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sample Thursday Week 2

Hey everyone, it's come to that time of the week again, Sample Thursdays! Week 2 this week I have had a bit of trouble, got an allergic reaction to one of the products. But I guess that comes with the trial.

             I will also be giving them a Staring system 5 being the best and 1 being Well not as good  :)

Anyway here we go.........

Estée Lauder, ideal matte refinishing makeup. SPF 8

This foundation is really lovely, it spreads on well and i found that i didn't really need much for an even coverage. i would say this foundation was a medium coverage, (was the wrong colour for me) but it was still nice. i found it was easily build-able without any cakeyness,When i run out of my foundations i already have i will purchase this product as a higher end Foundation.

Promesse cacharel, eau de toilette perfume

This perfume was nice, it has a mild sweet smell but it doesn't last that long. I love the bottle that the perfume comes in with the pinky purple, i will not be purchasing this because it doesn't last a long time on your skin.

Avene, Cold Cream Body Lotion

This moisturizer spreads in nicely, and feels very moisturizing. It has a heavy to medium thickness to it, and absorbs into the skin surprisingly quickly, This product is for dry to dry sensitive skin.i will not be purchasing this product because i have plenty that are the same.                           

Dove Body wash, energize grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance 1/4 moisturizing cream 

I love the smell of this product, but im not a huge fan of the way this product goes on the skin and it takes a little bit to wash off. so there is a good and bad about this product, i will not be purchasing this product. 

Palmolive, pure cashmere shower cream

I like the feel of this product going on my skin, makes me feel clean and it has that cashmere feel to it. as i have so many product like this i wont be purchasing this one.                                                             

St.Ives fresh skin apricot scrub, invigorating

The exfoliating beads are rough in this product, it has a great smell to it, like apricots and it is mixed with a cream base. i found it tough knowing if my face was purely clean because after the use of this scrub, my face still felt unclogged and not fresh at all. i wont be purchasing this product.                                      

Botani, olive hand cream for delicate and sensitive skin

* This product is not a heavy cream
* It only needs a little bit for a big coverage area
* It makes the skin smooth and soft straight away
* Moisturizes nail beds
* Sinks into skin fast
*  Its an Australian made product
* It has a natural organic smell

Freeman, Beautiful skin Blueberry and Lavender facial Gel Cleanser

* This product is never tested on animals
* It contains no animal extracts
* It smells a lot of lavender, which is good for Relaxation and helps if you use it at night before bed for a relaxed night sleep
* Cleanses the face extraordinarily well and removes makeup! (so no panda eyes for me!) 
* It cleanses clogged pores and removes dirt
* I will be purchasing this product because i really liked it and worked well with my skin.

Nivea, irresistibly smooth body lotion 24 hour shea butter for normal skin

* Rubs in well
* Makes my skin feel very smooth and soft
* I didn't feel that i needed to moisturize the next day
* I will purchase this product in the future just because i really liked it :)

Clean and Clear, Morning burst facial cleanser with bursting beads (wakes you up)

* This cleanser has orange and red beads
* The beads pop to make a refreshing deep pore cleansing clean face
* It really works as a waking up in the morning scrub
* After using it a few times my skin had an allergic reaction to this product so i will not be purchasing this product

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Melissa xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sample Thursdays.....Week 1

So the first week was interesting, I started using things from my draw. It was like choosing anything of my liking from a huge store (or my draw hehe) its like I went shopping and had that feeling of  buying something new and getting to use it for the first time. :) For the first week I used a range of products from face to hair.

I will also be giving them a Staring system 5 being the best and 1 being Well not as good  :)

So Here We Go...............

This is what I chose this week to Trial :P

Palmolive Body Butter Strawberry Smoother, Exfoliating Body  Wash
This product smells great, it has exfoliating beads but dose not really give you a deep exfoliation.
i don't think i will buy this product again because if i did, it would only be for the smell :)
You can find the Products Here

Schwarzkopf Extra Care
I have long, thick hair and i don't think this product really suited my hair type. The shampoo went into my hair great, it cleaned it and took all the products out that i had used during the week. The conditioner was just as good as the shampoo but didn't give my hair that soft feel i wanted or get from my regular conditioner. The treatment was hair to get evenly through my hair and it didn't feel very nice either, i left it in for the time it had said but it didn't give me the result i wanted. I will not be purchasing this product, simply because of the fact that my Tresemme' shampoo and conditioner do a better job and are more suited to my hair type :)  
You can Find this Product Here

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
I really really Love this product, it has become one of my favorite foaming cleansers to use when im not exfoliating my face. It lathers up really well and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I will be purchasing this product when i have run out of my other foaming cleanser.
You can find this product Here 

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer
This primer is a good one, it is gel like and when you put it on your face it is quick drying, which is always a good thing to have in a primer because you don't want to have to be waiting a long time for your primer to dry!. it also feels like it it protecting my skin under my makeup, and gives me a smooth surface to work with when applying foundation, concealer ect.
When my currant primer runs out i will be purchasing this product. You can find more information Here

All Avene Products can be Found Here


Avene Moisturizing Self Tanning Lotion

Im not really sure about this one, i like the way it gave me a glow, but it doesn't really have a nice smell to it, its like normal fake tan smells (im not a fan).
The colour after an hour was a nice natural tan colour no orangeness here ladies! 
I don't think I will purchase this product but i am still unsure.

Avene Micellar Lotion, Cleanser and makeup remover

I liked this product, I used it just to cleanse my face and also to remove makeup. It didn't leave my skin dry at all and removed the day dirt's from my face but it didn't really remove all my makeup as much as i wanted it to. i would recommend this product for light makeup such as BB creams and eyeliner removal just the light makeups.

 Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub
This product cleanses the face well, it dose not leave the face dry but it leaves it fresh, clean and moisturized. it has little pink beads in it which is cute if you like pink. The only thing i found about this product it that it doesn't give you that feel that your face has been properly exfoliated, because it is only a gentle one.

 Burts Bees Radiance, Body Lotion with Royal Jelly
This product was really enjoyable to use, i really liked the smell, the texture and the way it just glides on easily. I like the packaging its really cute and the end result? it leaves  your skin smooth and very hydrated. I even used it on my husband!  i will be purchasing this product in the future! 
You can find this Here

GAME by Davidoff Cool Water
Eau De Toilette for Woman

This product smells nice and fresh, it lasts about half the day then it needs to be reapplied. I quite like it for an everyday perfume but its one i could see my self getting sick of very quickly.
this is a Maybe purchase product. :) 

So i hope you liked Week 1 of Sample Thursdays, Please Subscribe to see what products i try next, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about these products. 

Mel xxx