Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sample Thursday Week 2

Hey everyone, it's come to that time of the week again, Sample Thursdays! Week 2 this week I have had a bit of trouble, got an allergic reaction to one of the products. But I guess that comes with the trial.

             I will also be giving them a Staring system 5 being the best and 1 being Well not as good  :)

Anyway here we go.........

Estée Lauder, ideal matte refinishing makeup. SPF 8

This foundation is really lovely, it spreads on well and i found that i didn't really need much for an even coverage. i would say this foundation was a medium coverage, (was the wrong colour for me) but it was still nice. i found it was easily build-able without any cakeyness,When i run out of my foundations i already have i will purchase this product as a higher end Foundation.

Promesse cacharel, eau de toilette perfume

This perfume was nice, it has a mild sweet smell but it doesn't last that long. I love the bottle that the perfume comes in with the pinky purple, i will not be purchasing this because it doesn't last a long time on your skin.

Avene, Cold Cream Body Lotion

This moisturizer spreads in nicely, and feels very moisturizing. It has a heavy to medium thickness to it, and absorbs into the skin surprisingly quickly, This product is for dry to dry sensitive skin.i will not be purchasing this product because i have plenty that are the same.                           

Dove Body wash, energize grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance 1/4 moisturizing cream 

I love the smell of this product, but im not a huge fan of the way this product goes on the skin and it takes a little bit to wash off. so there is a good and bad about this product, i will not be purchasing this product. 

Palmolive, pure cashmere shower cream

I like the feel of this product going on my skin, makes me feel clean and it has that cashmere feel to it. as i have so many product like this i wont be purchasing this one.                                                             

St.Ives fresh skin apricot scrub, invigorating

The exfoliating beads are rough in this product, it has a great smell to it, like apricots and it is mixed with a cream base. i found it tough knowing if my face was purely clean because after the use of this scrub, my face still felt unclogged and not fresh at all. i wont be purchasing this product.                                      

Botani, olive hand cream for delicate and sensitive skin

* This product is not a heavy cream
* It only needs a little bit for a big coverage area
* It makes the skin smooth and soft straight away
* Moisturizes nail beds
* Sinks into skin fast
*  Its an Australian made product
* It has a natural organic smell

Freeman, Beautiful skin Blueberry and Lavender facial Gel Cleanser

* This product is never tested on animals
* It contains no animal extracts
* It smells a lot of lavender, which is good for Relaxation and helps if you use it at night before bed for a relaxed night sleep
* Cleanses the face extraordinarily well and removes makeup! (so no panda eyes for me!) 
* It cleanses clogged pores and removes dirt
* I will be purchasing this product because i really liked it and worked well with my skin.

Nivea, irresistibly smooth body lotion 24 hour shea butter for normal skin

* Rubs in well
* Makes my skin feel very smooth and soft
* I didn't feel that i needed to moisturize the next day
* I will purchase this product in the future just because i really liked it :)

Clean and Clear, Morning burst facial cleanser with bursting beads (wakes you up)

* This cleanser has orange and red beads
* The beads pop to make a refreshing deep pore cleansing clean face
* It really works as a waking up in the morning scrub
* After using it a few times my skin had an allergic reaction to this product so i will not be purchasing this product

So i hope you liked Week 2 of Sample Thursdays, Please Subscribe to see what products i try next, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about these products. 

Melissa xx

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The Made Up Maiden said...

What a wonderful idea, to go through your sample list! I for one, have way too many built up that I need to get through.

I do love Estee Lauder foundations, I think my favorite has to be Invisible Fill though!