Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bracelet Stacks.....

I keep seeing everywhere bracelet stacks and I thought....yup I really like them haha so I kept looking for things I thought would look good together, but I could never really find what I liked.

So the second day of our honeymoon in Qld (yes! I got married yayyyyy) we went shopping at pacific fair, and I found this little shop called cosmetics plus so of course I went in! They had brands like, Maybaline, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Accessories and mostly Bys.

So I went to the bracelet section and found the 2 pieces I would have to start my stack yayyyy. The brand is called "Be Yourself" and both bracelets are gold and Nickle free. One is a cross with dimondy looking things in the cross, and its linked to a gold thin chain which is cute that was $4.00 AU and the second is gold links with a white string running through that was $5.00 AU.

I love my starting pieces! Anyways thought I would update on my pieces as soon as I find more I shall add them also!

Mel xx

P.s Love love love them! Also looking for a bracelet with the LOVE charm on it next :)

As promised, I have found another 2 colours for my bracelet stack. They were from the same store there brand is "Be Yourself" as well, there is a peach one with gold round balls, that was $8.00 and a light purple one the same with the gold balls that is $8.00 also :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My new ring!

In the mail yesterday arrived my lips ring. I love love love it, it's do huge but awesome, it is big pink lips with a little bling on the right hand side of the bottom lip and it is lined with black. It also has an adjustable ring size so all finger sizes can wear it :)

It only cost me $3.40 australian dollars with free postage so a bargain! I got it on eBay if you look up "Betsey Johnson First Date Pink Kiss Lips Ring" you will surly find it :)

I'll put a picture below! Enjoy!

Mel xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm getting Married!!!

Just looking at the days counting down till the wedding 8 days 18 hours .... And the rest counting down, it's a little scary I feel like I'm forgetting to do check, photos check, dress check, groom check haha cake defiantly check! I'm sure I will get everything in time that I have to! Wish me luck everyone (that I don't forget anything) haha I was watching "don't tell the bride" yesterday and the guys make it look so easy! But it's really not! Ahh well we shall see! Tomorrow were off to see the celebrant haha I was about to brake out into the wizard of oz song then but lucky I didn't :) but anyway that should be an interesting experience.
Let you know how it goes!

Mel xxx


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