Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bracelet Stacks.....

I keep seeing everywhere bracelet stacks and I thought....yup I really like them haha so I kept looking for things I thought would look good together, but I could never really find what I liked.

So the second day of our honeymoon in Qld (yes! I got married yayyyyy) we went shopping at pacific fair, and I found this little shop called cosmetics plus so of course I went in! They had brands like, Maybaline, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Accessories and mostly Bys.

So I went to the bracelet section and found the 2 pieces I would have to start my stack yayyyy. The brand is called "Be Yourself" and both bracelets are gold and Nickle free. One is a cross with dimondy looking things in the cross, and its linked to a gold thin chain which is cute that was $4.00 AU and the second is gold links with a white string running through that was $5.00 AU.

I love my starting pieces! Anyways thought I would update on my pieces as soon as I find more I shall add them also!

Mel xx

P.s Love love love them! Also looking for a bracelet with the LOVE charm on it next :)

As promised, I have found another 2 colours for my bracelet stack. They were from the same store there brand is "Be Yourself" as well, there is a peach one with gold round balls, that was $8.00 and a light purple one the same with the gold balls that is $8.00 also :)

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