Thursday, 25 April 2013

Season and Special Occasion Nails

Hey Everyone,

Just thought i would put together a post with a few pictures of some of my special occasion nails, i had fun times with these nails so i hope you like them!

Hens Night Nails

Wedding Day Nails (Mine had purple to match the trimming on my wedding dress)

Christmas Nails
Christmas Nails
Christmas Nails

Valentines Day Nails

Valentines Day Nails

Valentines day Nails

St Patty's Day Nails

Halloween Nails

Easter Nails

Easter Nails

Easter Nails
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Melissa xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April Her Fashion Box

Hey everyone,

Got my first Her Fashion Box! Was so excited to receive it in the mail, its so cute and the packaging on the outside is pink, my favorite, then the inside is a sleek black box which you can always use to put things in afterwards because its so sturdy. So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on this months box. The whole box is $39.95 a Month.

Classic Box:
I chose the Classic Box, I really love this box, it has some things in there that I haven't tried before and that I have always wanted to try!

As i opened the box i saw this cute Magazine which has all the details about every product they have in the box, i love how it is a magazine instead of just a piece of card with little detail on it.

The Cuff:  It retails at $39.95
I really like this cuff because it isn't something that i would normally buy but it is sleek, and i could wear it with a lot of my outfits. I was a little disappointed about it being to small for my wrist, but i just messaged her fashion box and they told me that it was bendable and it fits great now!


The Makeup:
Model co Lip Duo Lipstick and Lip gloss in one, It retails at $24.00
It is the best colour for me because i love the nudes and the light pinks which match my skin tone. I took swatches of them both but it was to light/ sheer for the camera to pick up but it glided on nicely, the lip gloss smells delicious, it has a sugary bubblegum smell to it.

Model co eye define eye pencil, It retails at: $26.00
Its a really nice pencil very smooth to apply, more so like a kohl pencil and it stays well, iv always wanted to try model co and now i have im very happy with it.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam and Tanning Mitt, 
They Retail at Foam: $19.95 Mitt: $9.95
Iv always wanted to try this tan since it came into store a few months ago, and now thanks to Her Fashion Box i can! glad i have these products.

Schick hydro silk, It retails at $10.00
They included this disposable shaver which i have tried before and i liked it! always good to have a spare disposable lying around at desperate times! (don't you agree ladies?)

The Extra Gift: 
Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil, This retails at $24.95 
I filled out the march survey for Her Fashion Box and they included this gift for me which is so lovely! Im interested in trying this product because i really like Redken products and i have not tried this product, my hair is going look salon finished :)

The Verdict: For my fist ever Her Fashion Box, i am very happy with it. Cant wait to start using all the product i have received.

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                     Melissa xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Beauty Bloggers Blog Hop, Im Co-Hosting :)

Hey Everyone

Welcome to this week's Beauty Bloggers Blog Hop! The Blog Hop will be open from Friday - Sunday every week.
Beauty Blog Hop

I LOVE discovering other Beauty Bloggers, so I thought it would be nice to have a blog hop just for us, to share our posts & reviews and discover other blogs similar to ours!

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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG

Heya Everyone

I was tagged by the sweety pie Emma at plus size millard to take part of the
                            'The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag'
                           Make sure you follow Emma, her link is above

The Rules:
1. Copy and paste these ‘rules’ into your post when you write it!
2. You must state that this tag was created by Laura from The Beau Bow.
3. You must thank the person who tagged you at the start of your post, follow them if you’re feeling nice and at the end of your post state who you tag, and comment on their blog to let them know you tagged them.
4. Title this post ‘The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG’ .
5. Have fun! :) 

The Questions: 

    1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
    Use toner, i forget most of the time :S
    2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly? 
    I usually clean them after I use them but about once a week if I use them a lot ill give them a good clean.
    3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
    About a day, haha I'm a nail biter so I have to have them done nicely so I don't bite them :)
    4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty item or nail polish even if you need it? 
    Not to long , I work in the beauty industry so it's right there when I need it.
    5. What’s you worst beauty habit?
    Nail Biting :s
    6. Name something non beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
    Probably Dusting, i hate getting the dust up my nose lol

    7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute or not? 
    I'm usually the last one out the door :)
    8. Can you commit to spending bans?
    9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection? 
    Actually quite organized, I have everything in the groups and compartments
    10. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
    About 3 weeks, but that's because I was sick and not really in the mood to blog

I Tag:
                                                        Katrin at

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Melissa xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Week

Hey Everyone

As some of you know, I went to two events at L'oreal fashion week. I went to a runway show which included these designers:


I also went to a workshop run by Rae Morris which was so so helpful in tips and tricks on how to apply makeup. I also got to meet Rae and have my photo taken with her, she's such a nice person! So here are some photos at the workshop:

Some information that we should all know!

For choosing your foundation

For Eyes

To enhance your eyes

To give you the perfect pout

Tips for Lips this season

Rea Morris Singed my ticket
Opening hours for the L'oreal makeover tent

Rae Morris and My Self


Kat and I (my beautiful friend i went to the workshop with)

All the goodies they gave us at the 2 events

So that was the exciting 2 events i went to as part of the L'oreal Fashion week, i had to much fun and i cant wait for next  year! Next event ill be at is Salon Melbourne :)

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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Melissa xx