Monday, 1 April 2013

Inspiration Board

Hey Everyone

Iv been wanting to make an inspiration board for a long time so that i can put things that inspire me and also things that i want to work towards, so today i thought im just going to do it! I went to the $2 store and bought everything i needed to make a cute sparkly board.

I bought:

Glue sticks                 $2.00 AU
Push Pins                   $1.00
Cork Board                $7.00
Sparkly Foam Paper  $1.50
Flowers                     $10.00
Sparkly Letters          $2.00

When i got home it didn't take me long to put the board together, i cut the sparkly foam paper to the size of the cork board, then glued the paper down so the cork part of the board is totally covered.


Then i added the Flowers to just the left hand side of the board to make it look extra girly


I then chose the word Inspiration to put on the right hand corner of my board.


The finished product :)

 Now to add pictures and other words that i want to look at to inspire me to do great things!

If you have and questions just ask, i will try answer them as best i can :)
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Melissa xx


beautysplash75 said...

This is such a lovely idea! May have to try it out for myself :)
Found you through the blog hop, now a new follower :)

Lottie said...

Hi! I just started out and I was wandering if you could maybe check out my blog?x I followed you btw :)X

Gabs G said...

That's such a cute idea!! ^^ .Visiting from Beauty Blogger's Blog Hop :) Lovely blog, following you now ^^

New follower with GFC

sweetaholic-beauty said...

This is so cute Mel! I wish I could do something like this (I'm just too lazy though!)
So creative :)

Melissa Bubbles said...

Hehe thanks it's actually not that hard, took me like 20 mins to do all together :)