Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Humble Bean Body Scrub

Hey Everyone

I love trying different body scubs and when this one came into my hot little hands I tried it straight away! So now I  want to tell you a little bit about The Humble Bean body scrub. 

When first putting the scrub on I thought wow you have to really like coffee, because this product has a strong smell of coffee, coffee is not my favorite smell in the world but I didn't mind it.

The scrub is kind of a soft scrub, it's not a harsh scrub so you don't feel it scratching and because it has the coconut oil in it, it leaves your skin soooo smooth!

You do make a bit of a mess so I suggest doing the scrub in the shower or somewhere inclosed. 

But Omgsh! My skin felt great!! It is gentle enough to use on your face (I have sensitive skin and it was fine to use on my face, I didn't have any reactions) 

For those coffee lovers out there, Do Not Drink This haha I'm sure you won't but a lot would be tempted! 

They also have a Cafe Late Scrub.

Organic Arabica beans 
Organic extra virgin coconut oil 
Brown Sugar
Coconut Sugar
Coarsely Ground Sea Salt

Scrub a dub dub! all natural, handmade coffee body scrub with exfoliate and moisturise your skin at the same time. You can guarantee your skin will be feeling good

If you want to know more about The Humble Bean Click Here

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                     Melissa xx

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