Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mystery Mascara

Hey Everyone

I received this mystery mascara from the makeupsocial to try out and I love it! The wand has tiny Bristles so it catches every lash and the formulation holds the lashes in a curl for the whole day! 

This is a close up of what the Mystery Mascara wand looks like, i love that it has small bristles to separate the lashes which helps the look of fullness in your lashes. 

The formulation of this mascara is quite nice, it is not a wet or dry application it is more in the middle (which is what i prefer because having it to wet takes ages to dry and having it dry just makes it hard to use). This mascara also holds the curl all day and i was sooo happy about that! because i hate when your lashes loose there curl then you have to push them up all day (id rather not have to do that thanks!)

Also it dose not Flake!! Best part about it!

I have added some pictures below to show you the before and after of what the mascara looks like on my lashes, it makes them longer, fuller and doesn't clump! 



This is what i think the Mystery Mascara is
Benefit Roller Lash

After seeing pictures of the Benefit Roller Lash i am convinced that the mystery mascara is it, because the brush heads are exactly the same, i haven't tried the formula as it is not in Australia yet but im sure i will defiantly give it a try, I love benefits mascaras so im sure i will love The Roller Lash,

Left: Mystery Mascara    Right:Benefit Roller Lash

As soon as i find out which mascara it is i will let you know!!


If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :) Please Follow, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about my blogs.

                     Melissa xx

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