Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Her Fashion Box Classic :)

Hey everyone, 
It's that time of the month again where I get to sift through a box I got mailed to me that I have been loving so far! 

Cute Magazine As Always

A Cute " The Mod" Beanie and little Clutch bag for an evening event, Right: Me Wearing the Beanie 

Rating: 10/10

"Miss Monochrome" Silver long Necklace with black accents
Rating: 8/10


Victor & Rolf sample perfume Flower Bomb
I really love this perfume, it has a musky floral smell, i could wear it as an everyday perfume. The detailing on the full sized bottle is just adorable, i really like the rose gold and the sort of bomb shape diamond that will sit on my dressing table and make it look nice, even as a decorative piece. Getting the sample size of the perfume is great because i can just pop in into my bag instead of carrying a full size or an atomizer. happy, smelling nice girl :)
Defiantly a purchase

Rating: 10/10

30ml $99.00
50ml $159.00
100ml $205.00

Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil 125ml
This product has a double use, it can be used in the hair and also on the skin as a moisturizer, i wasn't really a fan of this oil, it smells nice, a bit like coconut with a freshness about it. i don't like putting oils in my hair at the best of times because i find that it weighs my hair down and this was no acceptation, i felt my hair being heavy and not very nourished. The only thing i like about this product is the smell.                               
Rating: 5/10

Precious Oil Condition 250ml
This product had the same coconut freshness smell like the oil which i love, and it is a great product. It gave my hair a smooth feeling after i used it and my hair was easier to brush through, no knots! yay
I will be using this product again after trying it out. a plus side about this product is that it is 100% Vegan and sulfate free so looking forward to seeing great things from the Precious brand.                                            
Rating: 9/10


Precious Oil Shamp'Oil 250ml
The Precious oil shamp oil is good, but i found it to be like any other shampoo i have used before, i have very long thick hair and it cleaned it just fine but it didn't really give me that "wow i love this shampoo i have to have it" kind of feeling. Still love the smell of course ( coconut freshness) but as for using it all the time im not really fussed.
Rating: 7/10

Maybelline Pure BB Cream for Oily Skin

I tested this product out a few times and i got the same result, i have combination skin and this BB cream while good i would still recommend it for people with oily skin, in my T - Zone area where i get oily the BB cream stayed put with a nice dewy look but on the dry areas of my face it make it look dry and flaky, with the Salicylic Acid in the product i wouldn't recommend this to anyone with combination or dry skin. Maybelline do make a range of other BB creams that would be more suitable for those skin types.So ill be trying out the other BB cream for my skin type because i liked the way it was easily bendable and build-able for a nice finish to the face.
RRP30ml $15.95
Rating: 4/10

Cute patterned Glass Nail Files

Rating: 8/10

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