Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sample Thursdays Week 3

Hey Everyone, 
Week 3 has come and its time for me to tell you about the products i have tried this week. It has been an interesting few this week.

    I will be giving them a Staring system 5 being the best and 1 being Well not as good  :)

So Lets Get Started......

Dr Lweinns Private Formula, Firming eye Cream

* It has a Pearlie look to the cream, but not a very pleasant smell
* It takes a while before you see a result but i saw a faster result with the puffiness under the eye, which is a good thing for those long nights with not much sleep!
* On the bottle it says it is a "highly concentrated formula", but i think that's where the fast De- Puffing under the eyes come in!
* I don't think that i will be purchasing this product because i don't really like not very nice smelling things stuck on my face.
* You can find more information Here

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Moisture - Balancing For Normal Hair 

* This shampoo was great at putting the moisture in my hair, when my hair dried it feels very soft and smooth

* The smell of the product is ok, it has more of an organic shampoo smell, but it doesn't really give a great after smell when your hair is dry. 
* Its a great shampoo to change into when you are changing shampoos so i will change into this one in a few months

Almay, Hypo Allergenic, Kinetin Skincare Age Decelerating Daily Lotion

*With this product i didn't really get a chance to test it out properly because there wasn't enough in the tester packet so i don't have a great review to give with this one but i do give it 3 stars because it doesn't have a smell so its fragrance free and Hypo Allergenic                                                                      

Dove Almond Cream Oil, Moisturizing Cream, with notes of Cherry Blossom

* This product is the same as last weeks "Dove Body wash, energize grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance 1/4 moisturizing cream "
* I'm still not a fan of this product because of the similarities with all Dove body washes, the only difference i found was the smell and i really like the smell of the Cherry Blossom. 

Ulittlebeauty, Happy Clappers, Nourishing Hand Cream

* I really like this product, it absorbes into the skin nicely and doesn't leave a oily sticky residue
* The smell is kind of organic and citris its quite nice
* Its not tested on animals which is a huge upside and is also Paraben Free, Vegan and SLS free
* Made in Byron Bay its an Australian product
* I will purchase this product because i really like it for my bag.
* You can find more products Here                                                              

Nivea Deodorant, Double Effect

* Has a nice floral smell, i find it hard to describe smells but this one has converted me!, its not as strong as most deodorants when they go on
* Lasts 24 Hours
* I love the sample size because i can through it in my bag and not have to have to worry about the size.
* It has avocado extract in it to help with the smoothness after shaving. but i don't really see a difference with the smoothness
* I will be purchasing this product because i really like it, im going to try and find sample sizes also to put in my bag.
* You can find the more information Here

KMS California Hairstay, Styling Gel

* I didn't really get to use this to often, because i don't like using Gel in my hair. But when i did it is quite thick in consistency and leaves the hair crunchy, but holds really well
* Best suited for short hair or mens hair
* I will not be purchasing this product because i wont have and use for it.
You can find information about this Here

Hydrating Hair Drink + Guarana
Fudge Colour Lock
Fudge Daily Mint
Shampoo and Conditioner

* These two Shampoo and Conditioner sets were really good, it made the colour of my hair brighter even though it is not coloured
* It made my hair shiny and smooth i really enjoyed using these products
*They have a hair salon smell to them, which make me feel like i was getting my hair done.
* I will purchase this in the future
* You can find more Information Here                                      

Natio, agless hydrating mask

* Due to what happened last week when i tried something on my face i got an allergic reaction so with this product i tried it on my hand
* When i put it on my hand, i felt a quick tightening feeling and then a refreshing one
* I left it on my hand for 10 minutes as the directions say and then washed it off
* The feeling left on my hand was amazing! i really like this product, so i will be trying it on my face when i do my next face mask
* It has rose-hip oil and vitamin c in it which helps the skin allot
* I will be purchasing this product


So i hope you liked Week 3 of Sample Thursdays

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Melissa xx


sweetaholic-beauty said...

Ohh I have the full size of the Happy Clappers and love it!
I also like the sound of that Natio mask! Good idea testing it on your hand too.. I hate when masks make you break out!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I really like the happy clappers and it's purse sized!

Rozen Saku said...

Nice Review!
I think i need to hunt out that Dove Almond cream!
Have a great night
x Sakura

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah you should the smell is great!