Sunday, 11 November 2018

Top 5 Essentials you need for beach season!

Heya Everyone!
Summer is coming! Its time to Slip Slop And Slap! but also make sure you have a few things that will be essential when going out in the sun!

First things first! STAY HYDRATED!!


Bring some water with you, i love using the D.Line Oasis Insulated Drink Bottle 1L

It keeps your water so so cold for the longest time and if you put ice blocks in it, your water will be icy cold for even longer! i just picked up the thin ice block trays that slip into the bottles from ebay! 


Of course you need a beach towel, to sit on, to dry your self, or even to use in the car so your car dosn't get wet! and round beach towels are all the rage at the moment! 

Kmart have some great affordable beach towels at the moment and some really cute round ones as well!

Target also have some really cute Beach towels in different patterns!


This is a very important one! make sure to have a sunscreen on hand, preferably 50+ sunscreen and if you are going into the water a water resistant one!
Also make sure you are re applying ever 4 hours

A cute beach umbrella can make your stay at the beach a comfortable one! you can fall asleep under the umbrella and not worry about getting sunburnt its perfect! 

Click these links to check out some great umbrellas!


Sunglasses are an essential part of going to the beach, you need to protect your eyes from the sun and why not do it in a stylish way?

I have been wearing Quay sunglasses for a long time and i love them! these ones in the picture below are the Desi rose gold sunglasses they are my absolute favourite! 

I am working with Quay Australia to bring you 10% off your very own pair of Sunglasses by using  this coupon code  MELISSA10 

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