Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sample Thursdays........

Hey everyone
I was organizing all my beauty things eg: makeup in Face, Eyes, Lips skin care, Hair and I came across all the samples that I have gotten over time with magazines, freebee samples from shops and just every where else you could get samples. So I put them all in the bottom draw of my makeup tower and at the end I ended up with full draw!

So I have decided every Thursday I am going to try the samples for a week and write a small blog on what the products are and if I like them, don't like them, what the texture is like and most importantly if it works! I added some pictures below so you can see the stack of things I get to test and tell you about! I'm a bit excited and hope you will enjoy reading :)
So follow along until I empty my draw :)

Melissa xx


Naana said...

You do have a lot of stuff in your drawer! Maybe next year, i will start doing stuff like this because it's a great idea!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Haha yes I do! That's why I thought I better go through them all! That would be great id love to see what you have!