Thursday, 20 December 2012

Golden Wonder Ballistic

My Lush Bath!

Since its Christmas and i needed to relax, i decided to use the The Golden Wonder Ballistic and i loved it!. it smelled so delicious and soothing. If you shake it, it sounds like there is a little surprise inside. i took photos from the time i dropped it in the bath till the end, take a look!!

                                  Closer up you can see all the glitter in the bath bomb. Its so lovely!

                                                       There is a blue little present inside :)

The photos just dont do the way the bath was justice, it looked like a magical blue lagoon, with gold glitter swirling through the whole bath. when i got into the bath the glitter just swirled around making the bath look even more amazing, i was just mesmerized by it and i will be definitively stocking up on this bath bomb!  

Let me know if you have tried it?

Melissa xx


sweetaholic-beauty said...

Wow it looks stunning! I bought this for my mum for Christmas but maybe I should steal it back... haha!

Melissa Bubbles said...

It smells awsome also! Haha deffanitly make sure you try one!!!

Kat said...

I have used that before! Its so crazy, my sister told me about the colour, but it was hard to imagine seeing the actual bomb. Very fun!

Melissa Bubbles said...

I know right! It's just amazing how they get it in the present

Kirsty PrettyBugblog said...

This looks sooooo good! Going to have to wait for it to come back out :(
Kirsty x