Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lush Christmas Event

Heya Everyone!

Ahh don't you just love Christmas?.... Well I do! And it was made even better when I was invited to the lush Christmas bloggers event

This years theme for lush is Cruelty Free Christmas,the beautiful lady's at lush told us about some of the new things happening at lush in the coming new year and they also told us about there charity's that they are helping.

Lush helps out a lot of different charity's, the ones that can't get a lot of help because they don't have big advertisement, the ones that arnt really known, which I think is an amazing idea! Because there is so many things we don't know about going on, that a great company like Lush finds them and helps.

Now onto the Christmas products! Lush has made a HUGE range of Christmas goodies this year, everything to cater for every person you have to buy presents for! If you want to see the big list of products they have, Click Here

The cutest family on the block at Lush at the moment are The Frosty Family! 

Soooo adorable! There is Mr Frosty, Mrs Frosty and Baby Frosty an adorable happy family and a great addition to yours! 

On the night we got to learn how to make the cupcake face mask from scratch and also how to tie different things with head scarves, they can be used to wrap presents as cute baskets and used as just the cutest head scarves with flowers (I'm still working on the one!) I did get one wrap that they showed us pretty proud haha usually can't do these things!

The scarves are available at lush stores to buy for $5.50 each! Christmas and other patterns are available. 

Lush were soo generous in giving us a goodie bag, letting us try different things from their Christmas collection, in the bag we got: 

* The cute head scarf (with instructions on how to fold different things) 
* Santa Lip Scrub ( tastes like cola..Yum!!)
* Santa Baby lip tint
* Skkim Girls body lotion 
* Cupcake face mask
* Lord of Misrule 
* The Christmas Penguin 
* Golden Wonder Bath Bolistic
* Snow Fairy (shower gel)
* Rose Jam (shower gel)
* Ponche (shower gel)
* Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

My favorite product Lush has ever come out with is SNOW FAIRY EVERYTHING!!!
It's the most amazing smell ever, hehe I have back ups I have bought because I never want to run out!!

Thank you soo much to Babs for organizing this event, and thank you to all the ladies of Swanson street Lush for having me and informing me about all the different products, and causes your are fighting for :) 

Watch the Video!

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