Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hey Loveys :)

Just a week ago Shaun (my husband) and I went to Lush (Doncaster, Victoria) My favorite store!! The products are great and the staff are so friendly. Lush brought out there Christmas and Halloween range and I was soooooo excited anyway, we bought a few things that smell amazing!
(If you cant tell already, we Loveeeee Bath Bombs, they are our favorites!)

The first thing I HAD to buy because its just wow....the smell is soooo delicious! its the Snow Fairy body wash 500ml it is $27.50 AUS it comes in 3 different sizes 100g /$8.95 AUS, 250g /$14.95 AUS . It is a limited edition bottle so only comes out for Christmas time. when i popped the lid to have a smell of the body wash i just wanted to smell it forever, it smells like candy/lollies ohhh i love it!  Straight away when i used it in the shower i yelled out to Shaun that i have to get more bottles to stock up till next Christmas! I also just love how the bottles have "Home made with touch of sparkle" makes it just a little bit more special.

The next thing we bought was a Jacko Ballistic, its a bath bomb that is shaped like a cute pumpkin with a scary face hehe. It is $6.75 AUS and it is 100g. When i smell it, it smells a bit minty a bit spicy and a little bit of sweet, a hard one to describe but there is a cute little blurb on the packaging which says "spicy cardamom and clove bud oil to warm up cold, tired and aching limbs after a hard night of trick or treating" i love how every piece has a little blurb on the packaging to tell you about the product.

"The Golden Wonder Ballistic" is another Christmas treat, it is an adorable Yellow/ Gold Christmas present with a white bow on top bath bomb. it smells great! the description says "A fresh burst of Citrus" just smells Delicious to me! :) and when you shake it, just like you would with a present you get on Christmas it rattles! I'm excited to try it! It is $6.95 AUS and is 220g.

I was happy to see the "Father Christmas Ballistic" a cute round bath bomb the has a Santa Claus face with his beard and cute hat he is just to cute to use " Mandarin oil and orange flower absolute" just delicious! It is $6.95 AUS and is 205g.

"Snow White"  is another bath bomb which i was excited to see " It gives off a smooth white foam of bubbles as the steam of  your bath lifts a scent of apples to your nose" Sitting here writing this blog and looking out the window at the weather being windy and cold i feel like having a nice warm relaxing bath, plus the little descriptions just make you want to use it straight away! It is $5.95 AUS and is 90g

The Last one we got was a bit raunchy but we love it! "Sex in the Shower" $4.95 AUS 80g it is an Emotibomb which u use in the shower and the smells are just lovely, in the description it says " encourages people to share a shower to conserve water. it wafts sensual scents entwine themselves around you" Couldn't have said it better my self :)

Hope you Enjoy and Go To Lush and Splurge!! 

Mel xxxx


sweetaholic-beauty said...

They look great! I purchased the Jacko ballistic and the Snow White ballistic! They both smell amazing! I really want to get my hands on Snow Fairy but settled for Ghost instead! Smells yummy!

I really want to try the sexy shower one now hehe!

Melissa Bubbles said...

hehe they are all awesome! and sex in the shower is a great one to try! xx