Friday, 2 November 2012

We're Married!!!

Heya! I thought I would update you since my last "were getting married" blog.

                                  Above: Bridal party and Shaun and I :)

So we got married on the 27th of September in a beautiful place called Poets Lane, on the Wednesday it was raining and also on the Friday it was raining, we were getting all different temperatures for Thursday but on the actual day it was amazing weather.

My 2 Beautiful Flower Girls xx

We had a great day, it was relaxing and I had no worries I felt like I was floating through the day it was that great!

It just went so fast, but we enjoyed every part of it, everyone was dancing, laughing and eating, the way it should be!

The next day, nice and early we went to the airport and off on our honeymoon to Queensland, the flights were bad :( but that was the only thing that was bad about the honeymoon the rest of the time we were tanning, swimming, going to the theme parks and we went to Movie world twice, because I love it hehe.

Of course we went shopping and I bought a lot of beauty things which was great for me and Shaun bought guy things for himself. After all of that we had the best time but we feel like we need a week off from being busy just to relax.

Being back in the real world and being married feels exactly the same as before but, we just love each other more and more every day, I couldn't be more happier :)

Stay tuned for more bubbles on beauty, fashion and life

Melissa xx



Confused Daily said...

Just always remember, trust each other, communicate with each other, never go to bed without telling each other you love them (even if your mad at each other) And most importantly, talk to each other about any issues or problems you have with one another. Being married is hard work, some think it is something to just walk away from and remarry every 3 yrs. Marriage should be forever and I hope yours is too. Learn from your mistakes, forgive them when they do make a mistake. People sometimes don't think things thru before they do them and that decisions affects everyone in your life. Try and learn from my mistakes, not easy to do but well worth it. I love you
both with all my heart. Mum Kazza

sweetaholic-beauty said...

OMG Mel congratulations!!! :)
I hope you had a beautiful day!!!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you hunny xxxx

Nitisha Bunjun said...
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