Saturday, 24 October 2015

Natura Siberica Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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I received this absolutely cute package in the mail and i was like whats in the box? 

The box looked like this with the Natura Siberica lables and all their social media links. so make sure you head on over to their social media and give them some love!

Instagram: @naturasibericaau

In the package was the Oblepikha Siberica Professional Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal and dry hair.
Not only is the packaging visually pleasing but they smell delicious!

Retails for $17.99

The shampoo smells like sweet oranges but its a really nice sweet smell not an over powering one, it says nothing on the bottle about there being any oranges in it but that's what i smell haha 

It isn't like any shampoo i have tried before, usually when i use a shampoo it will strip all the yuckyness out of the hair and leave the hair needing the conditioner, but this one doesn't. It actually leaves the hair soft and clean so you could go without the conditioner if you wanted! 

The Shampoo says

~ Saturates hair with essential moisture
~ Helps retain Moisture within hair structure
~ Makes hair Tame

Yes! it does all of these :)

Retails for $17.99

The conditioner smells more like wheat but still has a tinge of sweetness, it is a little runnier in formula than i am  used to in a conditioner but it is still really nice. It leaves the hair shiny and smooth!

The conditioner says that it 
~ Retains moisture within hair structure
~ makes hair tame
~ Reduces brittleness 

I would agree with these! 

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