Saturday, 24 October 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Hey everyone

I just wanted to tell you about the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.



The Irresistible Me Extensions im wearing are in the length "24" inch and 200 grams and is 100% Natural Royal Remy hair in the colour 04 medium brown. 

The medium brown matched my hair colour perfectly, i didn't have to dye the extensions to match my natural hair colour, the hair also felt soft a very natural like real hair!

Prices start from $49 and shipping is free for all orders over $150, that is quite cheap for beautiful hair like this.

As you can see in the pictures my real hair is just about an inch longer than the extensions but when i put the extensions in my hair you can see it added fullness and volume to my hair. 

If your a person with long hair like mine you can use extensions to add the volume and get creative with your hair. They are also so easy to clip in, so if you think that its hard to put in extensions, think again! because these extensions will have you looking glamorous without the hassle!

As i am a Disney buff i love Jasmines long side braid so i gave it a go! and it turned out great! i love how big the braid was, without the extensions the braid would have been half the width.

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