Sunday, 25 August 2013

Product Review: Skin Wear Salon Solutions, Tan + Go professional selftanning mousse

SKIN WEAR TAN + GO self tanning mousse plus Mitt

Hey Everyone,

I thought i would share my Review on  this tanning mousse, When i first opened it, it smells kind of like maple syrup, sweet and delicious! So i got a friend and asked her to put the tan on my legs while i took photos, using other tanners i found that they gave me an orange kind of ompa lumpa look but when i used the Skin Wear tanning mousse i didn't, my colour turned out a really nice sun kissed look, like i had just come back from the beach (in the middle of winter) with a beautiful tan.
The tanner states "Biotanning Technology + erythrulose, which is the next generation in tanning technology" to give you a natural looking tan.  

The following photos are the process we went through to receive the desired look.

Tanner and Mitt
Product Foaming for really easy application 

With the tan only on Right Leg

Where we applied the tan up to

Washing the Tan off the next morning

End Result
In the end the tan looks great! but i think for my legs because of there winter state of white i would re apply the tan so i can have a darker tan, (and yes you can re-apply without it looking like dirt) I really liked how easy it was to apply the tan and i would recommend this for a person who hasn't tanned before or is just looking for a natural tan

Rating: 9/10

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                     Melissa xx

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When I first saw the pic of the product on the swatching board I let out little chuckle because I have a twisted sense of humor LOL. but I was loving the end result. I am consistently trying out new self tanners, I really wanted to try this out. where did you pick it up?