Friday, 9 August 2013

Quick Review: Nivea Shower Conditioner

Hey everyone 
Thought I would do a quick review of the Nivea In shower body moisturizer skin conditioner. I used the dry skin one (blue bottle) as I was given a sample to try :) 

I really liked the way my body feels after my shower because my skin is moisturized and soft I didn't need to add any moisturizer after, the only thing was that when I was using it, it was quite thick and then after I rinsed it off, I felt like I had oil everywhere, just like you would if you had oily hands and you went to wash them in water. 

Apart from that I really liked it, I would purchase a bottle, but maybe the one for  normal skin. 

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                     Melissa xx


Jasmine Huston said...

OMG this has become my new favourite! I use the one for normal skin and WOOOWWW so nice!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I really like the fact that you don't really need moisturiser after on your body :)

Jasminecara said...

The one for normal skin sounds great! I really want to try this product xx

Anonymous said...

Hey I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Can’t wait to read your answers:

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I'm going to pick one up next week! It's so nice!!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you xxx