Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Beauty Show Catchup

Hey Everyone
I was lucky enough to be invited to The beauty show catch up on the 4th of August, it was a lot of fun and girly chats, Anita put this whole thing together and im so grateful to be apart of it and got to meet her, she is such a beautiful person. Anita is the founder of the beauty show and i was so excited to hear what she has in store for everyone and the show, i love that she promotes Beauty on the Inside as well as out! we should all take a leaf out of her book!  we got to meet Chole Morello which was exciting, she is really sweet and we also got to meet Juliana from Mary Kay Cosmetics, she is so lovely and got to chat to her about Mary Kay and all the new things happening.

Me :)

All the girls that attended Blowing a Kiss with 2 men from Madam Brussles
Photo by Jasmine
The Catch up was held at  Madam Brussels bar/restaurant in Melbourne and it was so beautiful, i wanted to take all the furniture home with me! i was in love with the place. We were served Cheeses, champagne, Chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows, Cupcakes and cocktails, It was all delicious.    

Chocolate Fondue 

My Self and Jasmine
Picture by Jasmine
Chole and My Self

All these Beautiful Bloggers are so Lovely, some i am friends with and some i just met, everyone should go and follow there blogs!

All the Beautiful Girls
Jasmine, Chole, Anita, Norlin,
Kerri, Juliana, Evelyn, My Self
Claire, Sue, Karla & Nalini
Photo By Jasmine

Thank you so much Anita for putting this together and for the goodie bag wow! i cant wait to see The Beauty show Blossom into something awesome!!

Thank you to Juliana for the Mary Kay Goodies, Cant wait to start using these :)

If you have any questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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                     Melissa xx


Ms Jelena said...

Sounds like a great catch up! Madam Brussels is one of my fave Melb places :) xx

Erica D said...

great opportunity looks like a lot of fun.

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I love it, so beautiful!

Melissa Bubbles said...

It was lots of fun :)