Friday, 4 March 2016

New Unicorns and Rainbows Collection By Celestial Cosmetics Nail Swatches

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I have some Exciting New Nail Colours to show you from the Unicorns and Rainbows Collection By Celestial Cosmetics that have just come out to buy in her store!!

Australian Launch: 12 - 03 - 2016
International Launch: TBA

Want to know my thoughts of the Celestial Cosmetics Nail Polishes 

These new colours are absolutely stunning! my absolute favorite is Daffodil which reminds me of Barbie for some reason :)

Limited Edition March ( Daffodil )

Snow Unicorn

This colour is so shiny you can even see the beams of light coming off the polish in this picture!!

Rainbows & Unicorns Unite

Farting Rainbows

There are 6 New nail polish colours to choose from in this collection

Unicorns & Rainbows collection
The collection will be sold individually as usual and will be discounted by 10%
for the first 48 hours only. (12 - 3 - 2016)

* Cakes & Rainbows 
A gold linear holographic. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

* Unicorn & Rainbows Unite 
A soft lavender linear holographic with a soft green overlay. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

* Unicorn Fields  
A forest green linear. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

* Snow Unicorn
A light grey linear holographic. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

* Farting Rainbows
A periwinkle blue linear holographic with a soft purple overlay. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

* March LE 2016 (Daffodil)
This is a brighter pink linear holographic with iridescent flakes and silver sparks. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

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