Friday, 1 August 2014

Birthday Wishlist!

Hey Everyone

Since it's the start of August ( My Birthday Month) I thought I would put together a little Wishlist of things that would be amazing to get or just wish to be getting on my birthday! Maybe you could get ideas from here on ideas for your Birthday wishes? :) Enjoy xx

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick Miss Melissa (Hot Pink)

Makeup Geek Starter Kit and Z-Palette Bundle

Eye shadow
 Colors  In This Bundle

Cocoa Bear –  Matte reddish brown 
Mocha – Deep matte brown
Glamorous – Shimmery bronze gold
Creme Brulee – A medium sand color with a soft matte finish
Shimma Shimma – Metallic Champagne
Drama Queen – A densely dark purple with a shimmery finish
Prom Night – A pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmery finish
Unexpected – Matte Pale Pink Brown
Corrupt – Intense matte black with a very subtle sparkle


They're Real Liner


MAC Impassioned Lipstick


MAC Impassioned Nail Polish (you know to match!)

 Nail Lacquer



Urban Rituelle  Ginger Apple candle


Urban Rituelle Cotton Candy candle

Return to Tiffany™
Mini Heart Tag Earrings



$ 14.95

$ 16.95


Ashesela said...

I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!! :D August is my birthday month too!

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you so much xx I hope you have an amazing birthday also xx

katshepsutt said...

Many Happy Returns for your special day hon! Love your list - hope you don't mind if I steal a few to add to mine lol (especially the lipsticks and the candles) ♥

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks so much Hun, steal away! They are all great things to have :)

mandachic said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! Im an August baby too.
Collette sell some gorgeous things I totally agree with the bag for my own wishlist.

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you Hun! Happy birthday to you also, hope you have a great bday!! Xx

Erin said...

Happy birthday lovely :-) I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get everything in your wish list (amazing wish list by the way!!) xxxx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you Hun! Yeah in happy with that list, full of goodies that I would so love to get! Haha xx