Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Jojoba Company Redness Reducing Balm Review

Hey Everyone

Today I thought I would do a  review  of The Jojoba Company Redness Reducing Balm

I'm absolutely loving this cream! The packaging is pretty with a flower looking fold on the box, it is a simple white with blue sections design, the bottle is a glass which makes it feel just that little bit more luxurious.

But the design is not what I love about this product! I use this cream as a day and night moisturiser the smell is very relaxing, to me it smells a little like lavender, which is very calming for me and helps me sleep, so i add a little more at night time.

I have found that my skin has calmed down my redness, my redness on my cheeks still comes back but its not as bad as it usually is and it also smoothed my skin out, my little lumps on my face (acne) has reduced by a lot also. This is a definite repurchase! 

Some handy information:

From natural essential oils.
 100% Natural Australian Jojoba 
NO harmful detergents, chemicals or parabens. 
NO artificial fragrances or colours. 
NO PEGs, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulphate.
NO animal products.  


From The Jojoba Company Website

If you would like to know more about the Redness Reducing Balm check out their website! Click Here

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                     Melissa xx

Information in Purple is from The Jojoba Company Website
This product was provided for review. This is all my opinion. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


Sweetaholic Beauty said...

I'm glad this sounds good, as I have it in my "to use" pile at the moment! xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Ahh it's deffanitly one to use!

Unknown said...

There are lot of redness reducing creams and balms which makes it confusing to choose the better ones. I trust the natural products and they have shown great response.