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L'Oreal PURE CLAY MASKS review ( Testing for just over one month ) #INSTADETOX

Hey Everyone!

Iv been testing the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks for just over a month now and im ready to tell you what i think!!

When i got these in the mail i was so so surprised at how beautiful they looked! I mean if you want a fancy facial mask relaxation day, these would be something that you would want to take photos of because they are so visually good looking...... and also use on your face! 

They came with this pure clay mask test sheet so that you can see which mask to use and where on your face, which i think is an amazing idea, i later found that a few days later the test strips went back to clear so that you can test your skin again!

Each time i used these masks i would test my skin in the areas it suggested, The Tzone, Cheek and chin for 3 seconds and i found that about half way through my testing period my skin changed a little, be it the weather, if i was drinking enough water or how i was feeling that day. These little test strips helped so much because i could put each mask in the areas that it needed!

If your looking for these cards i know they are in store with the face masks!

This picture was the last day of testing the masks out, when you use the masks for a while you will see the areas you need which mask.

 In this picture above i am wearing the Eucalyptus Mask all over my forehead, down my T zone, around my mouth and my chin. I am wearing the Charcoal mask down the sides of my face and on my chin also and the Red Algae mask on my cheek areas.

You might be asking Mel, why did you mix the Eucalyptus Mask and the Charcoal mask together on your chin? well i mixed them because i wanted purifying, mattifyng, detoxifying and brightening and those two masks together gave me that result.

Exfoliates & Smooths
For Dull Skin

This mask did most of its job when washing it off, i found that it dried down to a comfortable firmness but was not so firm that you couldn't talk. As i was washing it off it felt like my face was getting a good exfoliate because of the finely milled apricot seeds, so i massaged it in as i was washing it to get rid of that dull, dry skin. This mask is also enriched with Red Algae extract for its cleansing properties.

Detoxifies & Brightens 
This mask is one of my favourites when i have those pimple and blackhead days, i would put this over the areas i have pimples or black heads (usually on my chin and side of my face areas) and it would help draw them up and out of my skin, not straight away but i saw it after a few times using it on those areas. It also softened the look of the spots on my face so less scaring from me trying to squeeze them out ( which i don't suggest you do! ) The mask also dries quite firm so your just best to put it on and relax!
This mask has Black Charcoal which is a magnet to draw out impurities and work deep into the pores.

Purifies & Mattifies
This mask I put on my T zone because of its Mattifying properties, it helps reduce the oils in my t zone and i love the smell! When i first put this one on it has a slight tingly feeling but that goes away quite fast and when it starts to dry this one dries up firm so you cant really talk or you will crack! but i don't mind at all because i know its doing its job! This mask is enriched with Eucalyptus Extract known for purifying properties.

So in my final thoughts I really love these masks and will defiantly be re purchasing them when i run out, I have Sensitive skin to everything and these masks did not make my skin react which was so so great! 

All these Masks retail for $19.95

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