Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne (photo heavy post) xx

Hey Everyone! 

Some of you might know i attended the Mind Body Spirit festival at the Melbourne Exhibition Center in June this year.

It was a lot of fun and i got to see a lot of different things to do with the Mind Body and Spirit. This is an event that you have to go in and an open mind about, they had 40 psychics for you to get a reading done to see whats going to happen with you in the future, there are Free Seminars you can sit in on, healthy living advice, Performances on stage, there were over 200 Exhibitors for you to walk around and take it all in, there are also healthy cooking demos, meditation and lots of stalls to shop at.

I took a lot of photos for you to have a look at and see what went on at the festival.

Selfie of course!

My name tag :)

Such nice candles! Budda Bum

Learning about Turmeric and its health benefits

Turmeric Packs

Diffuses and humidifiers at Lively Living

The Colorful Ladies at Tea Tonic served us so many different teas there were to many to choose from! but they were oh so good!

Cup Cakes!

Each Stone has a different meaning, i picked up the pink quarts meaning: Love :)

These were so comfortable, id love to have Noomi in my lounge room

Angel Cards - how beautiful!

More Candles, this festival had so many tea and candles it was my dream festival

Demonstrations with the Vitamix

I got my lashes done by Tk at Tk's Lashes

Loved this stand! Coconuts! so cute

Demonstrations in the Soul Kitchen

The Beautiful Ladies at Bath Flame Body showed me there gorgeous scrubs and candles! Love!!

I came across this stand Sweet Cinnamon by Malka, omg i am in love with their Watermelon Face Moisturiser!! you need to try it, it smells like watermelon!

Love the Fairy wings and set up at Angel Power

These were come cute jars with all different tea's in them, the tea was beautiful but even just having this sitting in the kitchen will make it look super cute!

I totally enjoyed my time at the festival, did you go? what did you like about it?

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :) Please Follow, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about my blogs.

                     Melissa xx

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