Monday, 11 May 2015

The Body Shop Peach Range Review

Hey Everyone!
OMG The Body Shop Peach Range is back again! have you gone out and bought it?? no....well do it now!!  

I am so in love with this peach range, you have to like the fruit to appreciate this fragrance. You know how sometimes you can get a product and it will have that fake artificial smell that's kind of sickly? well this one does not have that! it actually smells like the fruit, like it was picked right off the tree!

Vineyard Peach Body Lotion

For a light refreshing moisturize, i slather my self in the body lotion during the day, the smell lasts for a little while but then fades off, i also use this as a hand cream. It sinks into the skin and you cant feel any greasiness and the smell !! so amazing! 

Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub

I love everything smelling like peach! so i like to have this body scrub in my shower! this body scrub is a cream scrub and feels soo smoothing, if you like cream body scrubs, then this is the one for you! it gives a light exfoliation while moisturising your skin at the same time. I have a video on body scrubs which talks about this one in more depth! CLICK HERE

Vineyard Peach Body Butter
The peach body butter is soo nice, after my night time shower i just love to rub this all over and it just sinks in just as nice as the body lotion, and then just jump into my warm bed smelling of peach! specially on these cooler days, this body butter makes you feel all snuggly and moisturised while smelling delicious (hehe as you can tell im just in love with the scent!)

So if you haven't gotten it yet, get your selves over to The Body Shop before it vanishes!

Want to know more about The Body Shop Vineyard Peach range? or just want to buy it? CLICK HERE

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                     Melissa xx

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Profound Feline said...

I went out of my way to go instore to smell this one - did not disappoint :) So lovely! x.k.

Melissa Bubbles said...

Haha yes!!! It's the best smell ever! I love it xx