Sunday, 24 May 2015

Magnetic Makeup Palette Frame Review

Heya Everyone
Howwwwww cute is this Magnetic Eye shadow Photo Frame! omg! 

The small frame I have is  $16.00 and the dimensions for this palette empty is 135mm x 85mm. As you can see in the picture above it fits 6 bigger eye shadows comfortably, in the picture I have 5 Klara Cosmetics shadows and 1 Sugar pill shadow just for your reference.

I love this because it looks so cute on your makeup vanity and you can put any eye shadows that you might have forgotten about or ones that you might be project panning! They are right there and easy to use! 

The Magnets that you get for the back of your eye shadows you get 10 with each frame

The Magnetic Frame in size Small

Just like a picture frame!

You can hang the frame up also! You don't just have to rest it on your vanity. So if your a makeup nut like me, an want some eye shadow art work, pop one of these up on your wall with your fave shadows!! 

Shipping is so cheap! So make sure you go over and check out The Makeup Aficionado's web site for different sized frames! 

On the website there is also a video on how to depot your shadows so you can put them in your magnetic frame easily! 

Shipping within Australia is $7.
Shipping to Asia is $12
Shipping to Europe/Rest of World is $18.

If you want to get one for your self check out

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                     Melissa xx

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Anjelique said...

I've seen this over instagram and didn't know it was an actual product you could buy! I was thinking of doing it as a DIY, I still might give it a go though!



Melissa Bubbles said...

Yes! It's such a cute idea she has a few different sizes also :)

Profound Feline said...

I love this idea Melissa - it's so cute! x.k

Melissa Bubbles said...

Me to! Such a handy and pretty thing to have hehe xx