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The Royal Melbourne Show

Hey Everyone

As you may or may not know The Royal Melbourne show happens every year,  i had the privilege of going twice this year. It was so much fun i felt like i was a kid again, with all the rides and show bags ( well lets face it, i went for the show bags mostly!)

We are off to the Show
When we got there the first thing we went to was the big brother chair, you could get photos taken of you on the chair but there was such a big line i just took a photo of the chair for you guys to see haha if you are a big brother watcher it would be exciting for you! after that we had lunch because it was around 1 pm and we were hungry so we got burgers but we ate them before i could get a picture but for dessert we got churros and dutch piklets. There were so many places to choose from when deciding what you wanted to eat!
All these photos were taken my me

The Big Brother Chair
Yummy Dutch Piklets

We played a few games but didn't win anything big but it was all for the fun and experience of the show!

These rides looked awesome but i am a chicken so i didn't go on any rides, just took the photos of them :)


Ahhh the show bags! i will go into detail of which show bags i got later on in the post but let me tell you, there were a lot to choose from.

Show Bags
Show Bags

The Show Bag Pavilion 
The Show Bag Pavilion

We headed to the Health and Beauty pavilion where we met Paul and Liz the owners behind Bomb Cosmetics, there stand was so pink and girly i was in heaven, all the bath bombs were so so cute it was hard to choose just one, and the skincare smelled just delicious.
Bomb Cosmetics
Bomb Cosmetics


We went to check out the master chef kitchen and go the tour, i did get my photo taken with a contestant from the show but i haven't added that photo in here, it was great going through and seeing everything from the show.

The Master Chef Kitchen

The Master Chef Kitchen
The Master Chef Kitchen

The Master Chef Kitchen
The Master Chef Kitchen

There are soo soo many show bags to choose from, between my husband and i we bought 5 show bags

I Got: 

The Elle Australia Bag

1ELLE Tote Bag$30.00
1ELLE Magazine (Current Issue)$8.20
1Harpers Bazaar (Current Issue)$8.50
1Cosmopolitan (Current Issue)$7.95
1Your choice of Black or Tortoise Sunglasses$30.00
1Schick Hydro Razor$9.99
1Lindt Lindor Caramel Balls Bag$6.00
1Santa Vittoria 500mL Water$2.95
1Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea - Original Flavour$2.50
1Designer Brands Black Eye Pencil$5.00
1White Glo Toothpaste$2.99
1Sun Rice Single Rice Serve$1.79
1$50 Jaspa King Shoes Voucher$50.00
1Garnier Pefect Blur Sachet$1.00
1Vaseline Body Lotion$1.00
1Dermeze Soap Free Wash Twin Sachet$1.00
1Palmer's Daily Lotion Twin Sachet$1.00
1Table of Plenty Nicely Nutty Muesli$1.00
1Threads and Style Voucher$10.00
Total Value:$180.87

The Cleo Bag

1CLEO Gym Bag$30.00
1CLEO (Current Issue)$7.95
1Women's Fitness (Current Issue)$5.95
1NW Magazine$4.95
1OK! Magazine$4.70
1Envelope Clutch in Watermelon or Nude$25.00
1Mayar Twist 'n Pin Hair Accessory$12.95
1Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water$3.00
1Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea - Zero Sugar$2.50
1Le Tan in Le Can$6.99
1Devondale Smoothie$3.98
1Ellgy Heel Balm$5.00
1Carefree Pro-Comfort Tampons$4.00
1Garnier Moisture Match Sachet$1.00
1Vaseline Body Lotion$1.00
1OPORTO Voucher$6.00
1Mrs Fields Voucher$11.40
1ICE Design Voucher$10.00
1Starshots Make-Over and Photoshoot Voucher$50.00
1Potted Potter Musical Voucher - 20% off 4 tickets$80.00
1ONCE The Musical Voucher - $20 off A Reserve tickets$20.00
1Swan Lake - $20 off ticket$20.00
1Punch Colour Catcher$5.00
Total Value:$321.37

The Fizzer Bag

311.6g Fizzer Strawberry Chew Bar @ 0.30 ea$0.90
311.6g fizzer creamy soda chew bar @ 0-30 ea$0.90
311.6g fizzer orange chew bar @ 0-30ea$0.90
311.6g fizzer grape chew bar @ 0.30 ea$0.90
311.6g fizzer blue buzz chew bar @ 0-30ea$0.90
211.6g fizzer sour strawberry chew bar @ 0-30 ea$0.60
211.6g fizzer sour grape chew bar @ 0-30ea$0.60
45g fizzer strawberry chew bar @ 0-20 ea$0.80
45g fizzer creamy soda chew bar @ 0-20 ea$0.80
45g fizzer blue buzz chew bar @ 0-20 ea$0.80
1inflatable fizzer baseball bat$4.95
Total Value:$13.05

Shaun Got:

The Cadbury Family Deal

1515gm bite size dairy milk$10.50
610gm milk freddos$2.40
318g bite size crunchies$2.10
416g bite size time out$2.80
415g bite size turkish delight$2.80
318g bite size cherry ripe$2.10
226g curly wurly$2.00
415g bite size twirl$2.80
256g boost toffee crunch$3.90
230g crispello double chocolate$3.20
230g crispello vanilla velvet$3.20
2marvellous creations clinkers rasberry chip marshmellow$4.20
1plus your choice of one of the following novelties$5.95
cadbury showbag
cadbury cooler bag

Total Value:$47.95

The Sons of Anarchy Bag

1sons of anarchy backpack$24.95
1sons of anarchy cap$9.95
1sons of anarchy freezer mug$9.95
1sons of anarchy poker set$6.95
1sons of anarchy shot glasses$9.95
1sons of anarchy flag$9.95
1sons of anarchy sunglasses$9.95
1sons of anarchy iron on transfer$6.95
Total Value:$88.60

As you can see we got a lot in our show bags!
All the information and pictures of the show bags were taken from the Royal Melbourne show show bag web site.

The show was so much fun they have fireworks at the end of the day but we didn't end up staying because we were just to tired from running around all day, just going again after a few years its still fun, if you go every year or just even once, its an experience that everyone should have. There is so much to see and do, so many show bags to get and so much nice food to eat.

Did you go to the show this year? What show bags did you get? will you be going back next year? i know i will be!!

If you would like any more information about the show Visit:

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :) Please Follow, and leave comments, i love seeing what you have to say about my blogs.

                     Melissa xx


Unknown said...

I want to go to the show so badly this year! It looks like so much fun. I'd be probably too chicken to go on any of the rides either haha! The showbags are such great value for money x

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Melissa Bubbles said...

Yess! You have to go! Even just to look around, I don't go on rides I'm a scarey cat haha