Monday, 6 October 2014

Rimmel London WonderFull Mascara with Argan Oil

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would tell you about the Rimmel Wonder' Full mascara with Argan oil, this mascara adds volume to my lashes and keeps them soft, like most mascaras after you apply it to your lashes and it drys they go kind of crunchy and hard but when you put on this mascara your lashes are so soft.

The brush has small rubber bristles, which easily coats every lash to make them all pretty! I did stab my eye out a  couple of times the first time using this mascara but hey i was just getting used to it! I also love this brush head because there was No Clumping, each lash was coated evenly and i didn't get any yucky clumps that i had to go back and fix, it was that easy to use.

This mascara also lengthened my lashes and made them look thicker at the base so it looked like there was more lashes (which, lets face it, is always a good thing!) 

In the picture below, i applied 2 coats of the mascara to give them this full effect and i also took the photos in two different lighting to show you that the colour is so beautifully black it just looks so rich and nice!
My Lashes After application of the mascara

My little Caption Rimmel put up! and its True!!

Instead of milkshakes bringing the boys to the yard, this mascara will do it instead! Hehe Cheesy I know but hey this mascara is great! 

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                     Melissa xx

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Unknown said...

Now I have to try this!

Saumya said...

Ahhh, it looks so good on you, really wanna try this now ..

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yes! You so should! Xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you! If you like soft lashes then you should try this definitely!

Ken said...

I really should try it

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yes you should xx