Friday, 31 October 2014

Red Apple Lipstick Review

Hey Everyone,

I have some lipsticks I want to tell you about! They are called Red Apple Lipsticks (the safe lipstick) as is says on the box! The packaging is really cute, it is a black plastic packaging it is light it weight and it has little dots all over the bottom of the packaging and red apple lipstick printed on the lid, kind of like Revlon packaging but a matte finish.

Maven Mauve

I would have to say this colour is my favorite to wear as an everyday lipstick, it is a very natural (lip colour) lipstick and has a half matte half shine finish (if you get what I mean) and it is more of a pinky nude which I love! 

These lipsticks are Vegan, Glutin free, Soy free, Cruelty free, Paraben free, Allergen free and made in the USA but ship to Australia for $5.00 us 

Ruby Slippers

This colour has a golden undertone and kind of looks like it has a little bit of a sparkle, it is also a pinky nude but the gold shines through a lot. The texture of the lipsticks are smooth and glide on easily (which is always a good thing)

These lipsticks have a little bit of a play-doe smell but you can't smell it once it's applied. It feels creamy to wear but I need to re-apply after eating or drinking.

The lipsticks were sent with a cute lipstick tips flyer which I thought was a great little added extra, telling you how to keep your lipstick on for longer and how to get different shades by mixing. Just a little something extra that I have not seen with any other lipstick purchase, so that's a personal touch I like! 

If you want to learn more about these lipsticks check out their web site 

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                     Melissa xx

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