Friday, 16 May 2014

Hair Series Episode 1

Hey Everyone

Want to know the secret to my Healthy bouncy hair?...........I'm not going to tell you haha iv decided I'm going to do a "Hair Series" I will put all the products I have been using, how I care for my hair and maybe later on some styles for you to try and show me!

This is my Maine of hair early in the morning waiting to be tamed, yes it is all real and no extensions (even though I would like to try extensions one day maybe the clip on ones?) anyway, my hair is like my baby every time I get it cut I cry a little but then think "hey your hair grows fast you will have it back in no time!"

But it is crucial that you get your hair trimmed! My self I go for every 6 months because I don't use that many hot irons on it (when I do I always use a heat protectant), I don't dye my hair and I always Moisturise my hair to keep it healthy and bouncy! I leave my hair that long between trims because I like to grow my hair out, but for everyone it's different, if you want to grow your hair and don't want to trim it you have to look after it!

Iv decided to do this hair series to show everyone the products i use to help my hair stay healthy and the products i use when im styling my hair.

So i hope you stick around to see all the wonderful things i will be sharing with you!

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                     Melissa xx

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Jasmine Huston said...

Your hair is totally stunning! xx