Friday, 21 February 2014

Ulta3 Lip Paint Review

Hey Everyone,
Its review time! I'm so happy to review these really great Lip Paints by Ulta3. First of all, look at the colours in range, they are great colours that will go with everyone's skin type. With my testing, these Lip paints are also a stain, they will stain your lips so when it wears off you can still see the colour underneath. 

They wear nicely and are quite smooth and moisturising, the first colour i wore was Manic Mauve and i had dry lips but you couldn't tell because the lip paint was so moisturising i was surprised! It didn't come off in weird patches and i wore it for a good 3 to 4 hours before i saw any fading, 

Extreme Pink

Loud Purple

Yes the product did go onto glasses but it didn't change the colour at all, but if you set the lip paint with a powder, im sure it will have less of a mark leaving effect. The Lip Paints also are very shiny so no gloss needed here!

Expressive Pink

Manic Mauve

When first applying the lip paint it has a slight smell of  menthol, kind of like the Revlon lip crayons but not as strong and it also has a cold feel to the lips but that fades away after a little while and you don't even know its on your lips.

Radical Red

Eclectic Orange

So Ulta3 i think these Lip Paints are great! 
You have made a really great product that people would be happy to use 
and re purchase  
Thank you to The Heat Group for sending me these beautiful products to review!

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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                     Melissa xx


Unknown said...

I like that Manic mauve shade. Do you know where these will be available to purchase?? I have only seen Ulta3 nail polishes everywhere but not the lip products.

dani the girl xo said...

These look gorgeous, the colours are so vibrant. Thanks so much for posting this 😄

Caroline R. said...

Love them ALL, they look great, will have to check them out, good timing as going to PL on the weekend. Thank you for posting.

Erica D said...

I have not seen these! Those colors are all very nice, I love anything bright and vibrant.

Have a nice weekend!


Unknown said...

These look amazing! They are totally on my wishlist :) <3