Friday, 20 December 2013

Beautiful Brunettes

Hey Everyone
I was having a conversation with some beautiful brunettes Jasmine Sweetaholic Beauty, Kat Kitch Snitch and Claire Ms This N That Blog the other day and it gave me the idea on a post of the most beautiful Bombshell brunettes. We hear about all the Beautiful Blondes, how they have more fun, but I thought I would talk about the Sexiness and Boldness of Brunettes. Being a brunette my self, i know brunettes have more fun! Don't get me wrong i love all my blonde, redhead, and bright colored hair friends and we have sooo much fun together, but this post is about my Brunette Sistas!

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Audrey Hepburn
Over the years there have been some very famous Brunettes popping up in the movie/ music world, but one of the iconic films "Breakfast at Tiffinys" had Audrey Hepburn, a brunette a lot of us can relate to. I have always wanted to go to Tiffany's that she was at just to have breakfast, a lot of people would want to, who else wants to have breakfest at Tiffany's? Even just to go and see the jewlery would be fun! 

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Jennifer Lopez
In the singing world Jlo has been one of my favorites, with her beautiful long hair and gorgeous curves. She is just my idol till this day! She is a very strong, confadent, independent woman. I'd like to think that's the brunette in her hehe. The makeup looks on these two woman over the years are amazing, having the dark features lets them get away with almost any look. Brunetts have an advantage sometimes, by being able to pull of an angelic makeup look to the most evilst person and still look amazing! 

So id like to shout out to all my brunette sistas " We are awsome!" And we can rock any look, don't be scared to try something different with your makeup looks or clothes looks because with our features, chances are we will look great! 

If you need some inspiration from the famous brunettes then take a leaf out of there book, you already know it looks great or it would not have been photographed (apart from the worst dressed photos) but I don't think there is any worst dressed, just the wrong stylist hehe. 

At the end of the day, if your Brunette, Blonde, Red, Orange, Black, Silver, Purple, Blue or Green, you are all beautiful! And we are so lucky that we get to experiment with our hair colours. But it dosnt matter what colour your hair is, the person you are underneith that hair is who counts! 

So Make It Count! 

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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 Melissa xx


Kate Flint said...

Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O are the most beautiful women ever :) Love a good sassy brunette :)

Kate Xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Me to! There are so many good ones xx

Kat said...

Love love love! :)

Sweetaholic Beauty said...

I love this, and my fellow Brunettes ;) Great post Mel! xx