Saturday, 3 August 2013

Original Source Shower Gel Review

Hey everyone
My friend gave me this shower gel to try out so i thought I would do a quick review of the original source vanilla milk and raspberry shower gel. 

The smell is amazing, it smells like strawberries and cream, the texture is very creamy and the colour is a light pink.

I found that it doesn't really lather very well and the smell goes away after a short time, I like the smell to linger a little longer because I shower at night and it relaxes me :) but apart from that I really like this shower gel, I'm going to try the rest of the range also :)

Other sents in the range:
Shower Gels:
Vanilla milk and raspberry (New)
Chocolate and Mint (New)
Mint and Tea Tree
Shea butter and Honey
Lavender and Tea Tree
Lemon and Tea Tree
XXX Shower with Extra Stong Black Mint

Hand Wash:
Mint and Tea Tree (New)
Vanilla milk and raspberry (New)
Shea butter and Honey (New)

Men's Shower Gel Range:
Lemon and Lime

For more information:

If you have any questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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                     Melissa xx


Anonymous said...

I love original source products! Love the scent of the mint, lemon and Shea butter one! :) xx

Melissa Bubbles said...
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Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah there not bad, can't wait to try the others!
Mel xx

Sweetaholic Beauty said...

My boyfriend uses one of these regularly... I don't mind it but I prefer girlier ones haha! xx

Erica D said...

I love shower gels that really lather and foam and I also love ones that have a lasting smell.

The Made Up Maiden said...

I've never tried these! I love the sound of it but I don't like that it doesn't lather well. Do you use a shower puff or just straight on your skin from the bottle? Just wondering if it might make a difference. :)

Melissa Bubbles said...

Haha yeah I would to xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Me to! I like when it gets all bubbly and foamy xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I tried both ways, it didn't seem to make much difference, but even so definitely a shower gel to try!

Unknown said...

The ones with mint in are incredible, such a good wake up in the morning :)


Unknown said...

I am obsessed with this stuff currently! I love the choc mint and just mint! I love stepping out of the shower smelling delicious !