Thursday, 16 May 2013

May Classic Her Fashion Box

Hey everyone 
It's time for the May Her Fashion Box. I really loved this months box, it's quite a difference from the April box but I liked that one also. So when i opened the box i saw the Her Fashion magazine and i really like the way that her fashion box has put all the items in the box into a cute magazine, what to wear with the items or how to use it ect. 

Her Fashion Magazine

All the items in the May Her Fashion Box

The Jewelry that was in the box 

After the magazine i saw 2 little black bags, one of the bags had these cute Gold Collar Pins and this black and gold leather Cuff, i love love the Cuff! i put it on straight away and wore it to work. I haven't worn the Collar Pin yet but im sure i will soon! (Hehe thought they were earrings, so ill try them as earrings also)

Leather Cuff $29.95 and The collar Pin $14.95

In the second bag i saw this beautiful necklace, it looks very royal/ classy i really love this piece also, Her Fashion Box just knew what i would love this month!

Necklace $19.95

There is a Designer Brands Primer, i haven't tried DB before but i always love trying new products and i am a sucker for Primers, loooooove Primers i have them in every brand, so good thing i have this one to try! Im always recommending primers to my customers, makes your foundation stay on longer and makes your foundation look a lot smoother.

DB Pore minimizing primer $7.99

Polished Nail Polish in Milky Mocha, i really love wearing nude colours on days where i don't want to do nail art or have anything fancy on my nails, nudes are a neutral colour that goes with everything.

Polished "Milky Mocha" $7.99

Ahhh Batiste great handy hair wash in a bottle! i have long hair and i cant wash it everyday, so i use dry shampoo on the days my hair is not looking its best, Also gives volume to the hair which is a plus! I got a full sized 200ml can and it smells yummy! love cherry's....

Batiste "Cherry"  $9.95

Ardell Lashes, My Favorite i wear these lashes on nights out or when i feel like having extra va vooooom on my lashes, I got the demi 120's the naturals and i also got a Ardell lash glue. (cant have enough glue!)

Ardell Lashes "Natural" $8.99 and Ardell Lash Glue $6.99

As a little added Bonus, for doing the April Box Survey they sent me a a gold bracelet, i wasn't to sure what it was when i looked at it, but then i read the envelope and it told me haha. I was actually thinking it was a hair piece and im thinking of styling it in my hair some how, since i thought it was a hair piece in the first place :).

Bracelet (Extra little gift for doing the Servery)

So that's what i thought of the May Her Fashion Box, I Loved it! cant wait for next months box. Stay tuned to see when next months box arrives!

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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                     Melissa xx


Bryony Henson said...

Wow that box is great, the necklace is beautiful! Great post

Bryony Marie xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yeah I really like this box, thanks xx

The Made Up Maiden said...

Love the box! I think the cuff is my fave item!

I've actually used a DB primer before and it was surprisingly good!

Melissa Bubbles said...

The cuff is my Fav to! Yeah I tryed a little and it felt nice, interesting to see if it holds the foundation well!

Tami Rebekah said...

yea!! Thats one amazing box!! love the necklace! Following along with BlogLovin!! Have a great week!

Melissa Bubbles said...

I thought so to! Thank you Olmert following you also xx

Nyssa Crisp said...

Hey Lovely,

I really like your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

Check out my blog for details -

Nyss xx

Yinyin said...

Love the collar pins and the necklace! Beautiful!

Yinyin xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks Hun xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Me to there great! Xx

Jade said...

That necklace is gorgeous!

Jade x

Melissa Bubbles said...

I know! I love it xx