Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beauty Lunch With Benefit Cosmetics

Hey Everyone
On the weekend I went to Myer on Bourke street to meet up with a Beautiful lot of beauty bloggers to learn about Benefit Cosmetics and Brow Bar. We met Gemma out side myers and she took us into the brow bar where Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty got her eyebrows done by the lovely Katina, She explained the steps on how the girls at the brow bar Tint, Shape and Fill your brows so they look amazing, so everyone should go get their brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar (or at least go for a great experience, and friendly service. p.s you might get hooked and have to go back all the time!)

Jasmine Getting Her Bows Done


After the Brow Bar we went to the makeup counter where Nalini from The Made Up Maiden had her makeup done using the beautiful Benefit products. 

Nalini Getting Her Make Up Done
Gemma Explaining products while Nalini gets her Makeup done

Cute perfumes and packaging by Benefit 
Some Cosmetics By Benefit

Then we headed off to lunch at Collins Quarter where we had a delicious meal and we got to play and test out some new and Loved cosmetics that Benefit have released including:

~ Fakeup: a hydrating crease-control concealer
~ Creaseless cream shadows: cream eye shadow, a few really nice colours
~ They're Real: Mascara
~ The Porefessional: Primer
~ Fine-one-one: a sheer 3 in 1 brightening colour for cheeks & lips
~ Benetint: tinted lip & cheek stain
~ Hello flawless oxygen wow!: A really nice foundation that feels so smooth and makes your skin look fresh
And My Favourite
~ High beam: a Beautiful Highlighter and complexion enhancer    
Also A few others.......

My Place Setting At Lunch
Vita getting her Eyebrows filled in by Gemma

We had a Great Lunch, so filling!


Beautiful Benefit Products
I loved the Benefit Mirrors we got to use! they are so cute and i love the little diamond B on the back of it...awww so cute!

The Girls Trying The Benefit Products

Bit of interesting Trivia that Gemma told us : Benefit are in the Guinness book of records for doing the most brows in 8 Hours!

Gemma and My Self

Thank you very much Gemma for taking us through all the Benefit products and telling us handy tips for doing our brows and makeup and Thank you for Nalini for organizing the day :) it was so much fun!!

If you want to check out the products Benefit have, go to their web site here: Benefit Cosmetics

If you have and questions just ask! i will try answer them as best i can :)
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                     Melissa xx


Anonymous said...

Wow! Im so jelly!! Looks like you all had a great time! How nice of Nalini to organize it :)

Maria Sself said...

Thank you so much for the reminder, Melissa! I got the invitation from Benefit yesterday (what a coincidence!) and wasn't sure if it was worth going and, well, forgot abt it:-( but your post has just made me change my mind;-)

Melissa Bubbles said...

Yep I had a great time :)

Melissa Bubbles said...

You should deffanitly go! And no probs for the reminder haha was a fun day xx

The Made Up Maiden said...

Glad you had a fun time, hun. :) It was certainly a lovely day and we got to learn lots!


Sweetaholic Beauty said...

Great post! It was so good to catch up again! I'm a bit bummed I didn't take as many pictures (I think I got a bit too excited that my brows were done nice haha!)
Oh well maybe next time :)

Saumya said...

Hi Melissa,

Am a new follower of your blog, got here through Nalini's blog .. Looks like you guys had an awesome time ..

Melissa Bubbles said...

Hey saumya thank you very much for following, was a great day :)

Unknown said...

this looks like an amazing event - Benefit are my favourite ever make up brand!
now following from #fbloggers chat! x

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you! Was a fun day, following you back also xx

2justByou said...

This looks like it was so much fun!!! I just got that Benefit They're Real mascara and can't wait to try it out.

I'm a new GFC follower and on twitter too (@2Byoutify). =0)

Unknown said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check my blog for more info, http://goo.gl/5cJKZ

Hummingbird Girl said...

I love it, You are lovely girl with such a beautiful smile!!! Perfect pictures, so colorful and full of energy... I looking forward to see more posts with You and Your thoughts :) Maybe You wanna follow each other? Just drop on my blog, I will follow You back everywhere You want. It will be such a pleasure for me to writing with You. Let's stay in touch sweetie :)

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thank you so much xx