Friday, 8 March 2013

My Eyebrows ~ ~

Hey Everyone!

Everyday I get asked about my eyebrows, Do I get them done at a salon? Which salon do you go to? How do you do them? How do you make them such a nice shape? Ect...

Well today I thought I would share my secrets on my eyebrows.

1. Do I get my eyebrows done at a salon? Nope

2. Which salon do you go to? None :)

3. How do I do them? I use wax on the top of my eyebrows, tweezers on the bottom and the strays missed by the wax

My Eyebrows, im wearing mascara and eyeliner

4. How do you make them such a nice shape? I just go with the lines of my face and keep them clean and even.

5. Do you Fill your eyebrows in? When I do my make up I don't fill them in, because I feel that they are dark as it is and if I fill them in they will look a bit silly, some people have to fill them in, some people like filling there's in so really it's up to you on this step.

6. Is there anything different I might do to keep them looking smooth? Yes, I know this might be a little weird but I shampoo and condition my eyebrows about once a month, it takes all the sweat and just general everyday yuckyness out and makes them soft and silky. Face wash I found cleans them but doesn't make them smooth, so that's just a little something I learned to keep them nice.

7. Do you cut your eyebrows? No, I found if I cut my eyebrows they end up looking very stiff and not natural at all, so I just take a mascara brush/ wand from my set and brush them into place, but they don't really move that much anyway. If yours are long you could always use a clear mascara or an eyebrow gel to keep them in place.

Essence have a nice one that they have in there range :) Find it here

8. Tools I use? Tweezers (Beauty Essentials), Wax Strips (Nair), Mascara Brush (Bobbie Brown), 10x Mirror (Revlon), Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturiser (Cetaphil).

9. An always important tip! After waxing and plucking, use Moisturiser on the skin that has had hair removed! I also add a drop of Trilogy Rose Hip Oil makes the skin softer and the redness go away faster.

10. Don't be afraid to take hair away from the top of your eyebrows, there are a lot of strays up there and if you want them clean, just remove them, but in reason! Check the shape first then remove away!

Your eyebrows have to suit your face shape, but they don't have to be what everyone says they have to be, do a shape that you are comfortable wearing and a shape that you like!

If you don't feel confidant about doing your eyebrows your self, go to a salon/ person who will shape them for you and then you can keep them clean and nice after that.

Like Anna Faris says in the movie House Bunny "The eyes are like the nipples of the face", that cracks me up every time!

But it's true! And your eyebrows frame them, you can make your eyebrows the center of attention or you can dull them down. Just experimenting with your eyebrows and makeup is fun and you can see an eyebrow look that's great for you.

My eyebrow, No Makeup straight after waxing and plucking i put moisturiser and rose hip oil.

Me and my eyebrows with foundation and Mascara on

If you have and questions just ask! and i will try answer them as best i can :)
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Melissa xx


sweetaholic-beauty said...

You do your own! Wow, go you! I usually get mine done every once in a blue moon then try to maintain it... only to realise it's terrible and end up going back haha! I'm trying to make a habit of heading to the Benefit station more so I can get it done professionally :P
That's why I have bangs though... to hide them :P

Melissa Bubbles said...

Haha yup I do my own :), haha I get scared that the pros will do a bad job and I will be angry at them lol this way if I do my own ill be angry at me haha but iv been doing my eyebrows for years so I'm used to it, haha I'm sure yours are good! The bangs are there just to look good :) xx

Fashion Railways said...

Hey hun
I just found your blog and I love it!
really nice lay out!love the variety of posts
and your nice images!
Check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it
xoxo from Greece

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks ! I sure will have a look :) follow along if you would like to see more posts of mine :) thank you again xx

ReNu said...

Very helpful post - your brows look professional. I tweeze my way through my brows, but go to a salon when they resemble worms crawling - increasingly rare now. My last visit for threading was in December 2011!
My Beauty Junction

Melissa Bubbles said...

Haha I'm glad I could help xx

Jade said...

Your eyebrows look amazing!

Mine are in need of a little TLC hahaa.

Love your blog! :)

Jade xx

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks hunny! Ill check your blog out to :)