Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rainbow Bright Nails.....

Heya Everyone

Today i was looking through all my old pictures and cartoons and thought I would do a few different nails with cartoons that I used to love in the 80s.

Today's inspiration is Rainbow Bright :)

The nail polishes I used are Sally Hansen "white out", "disco ball" and "pacific blue", I used Ulta3 "purple pumps", "sea breeze swirl" and "exotic canary"

I think it's a bit simple, so I put disco ball on the while to sparkle it up a little,
You cant really see the sparkle in the photo, but its there :) 

I got the Rainbow design from her belt, and she has yellow stars all over.
The Purple star on my thumb nail, comes from the star on her cheek.
The white is the lining on the bottom of her dress and top of her socks.

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Hope you like them :)

Melissa xx


Laura-Jane Connolly said...

These are really cute. Simple, but fun.


Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks Laura xx

BaublesBubblesBags said...

That is just so cute!! I love looking at other people's nail art. Me. I stick to just straight painting. ;)

Melissa Bubbles said...

Thanks! Yeah I do some just normal lol talked a bit to think up different ones :)